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99% of plastic express packaging can not be effectively used. What impact will it have on the environment?

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if plastic express packaging can not be effectively utilized, it will lead to a large waste of energy resources. Because plastic raw materials are extracted from petroleum energy, the extensive use of plastics will lead to the massive development of petroleum energy, however, petroleum energy will also pollute the environment in the process of massive development. If plastics can be recycled, it will also save a lot of oil and energy over exploitation and refining, which will have an important impact on the protection of air and the pollution of land resources

more importantly, if plastic express packaging can not be effectively recycled, it will also lead to the rapid increase of plastic waste. Although plastic products have traversed our lives at ordinary times, it is very difficult to deal with plastic products in the process because it takes hundreds of years for plastic products to degrade naturally, and plastic will seriously pollute the surrounding land resources in the process of degradation. It can be said that if plastic can not be effectively and properly handled, it is easy to cause secondary damage to the environment

however, we also see that the use of plastic products has become less and less in recent years, and express companies have begun to reduce the use of plastic express packaging in recent years. It is very effective for express companies to use plastic packaging every year. If we can replace it with alternative packaging materials, it will make a real contribution to environmental protection


and we should also pay attention not to discard plastic express packages at will in our daily life, because these plastic express packages can also be recycled. If these plastic express packages are discarded at will, it will inevitably lead to a large waste of resources, more importantly, if these plastic resources are not handled properly, it will also lead to serious environmental pollution. So we must form good habits to protect our living environment

first, it takes decades for plastic bags to be completely digested underground, so it is easy to pollute groundwater resources. Second, plastic bags are also easy to fall into the sea, which also has a very serious impact on the marine environment, including threatening the lives of marine organisms

a large area of pollution will threaten the lives of animals and affect the growth of crops. If burned, the air will also be heavily polluted and humans will inhale a large amount of toxic gases.

it will seriously pollute the environment. As we all know, plastic bags are difficult to destroy. If burned, they will emit toxic gases. If buried deeply, they will not rot for many years.

the impact is still great and will damage the earth’s environment. Cause great white pollution, so we should protect the environment and try to choose more environmentally friendly materials to avoid environmental pollution.

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