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Advantages and disadvantages of production line

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1. The main advantage of assembly line production is that the production process of products can better meet the requirements of continuity, parallelism, proportion and balance it has high productivity and can timely provide products in great demand in the market. Accelerate production and reduce capital turnover

2. The disadvantage of the production line is that people who work will feel very boring

assembly line influence


assembly line production further increases the labor intensity of workers. It requires workers to carry out high-intensity and high-density operations. Therefore, it was controversial when it was first born. The famous American actor Chaplin satirized waterline production with the hero’s ridiculous experience in his film modern times. But time has proved that it is an extremely effective production organization

because the labor unit does not need to move, the assembly line production has high efficiency, which makes large-scale mass production possible. At the same time, because the production unit only carries out part of the operation on the labor object, and does not need to be responsible for the whole labor object as before, it further professionalizes the workers’ technology

the efficient production characteristics of the production line and the inefficient and complicated logistics distribution have become a bottleneck restricting the smooth logistics in the plant. Enterprises are prone to the following problems in the process of logistics distribution on the production line:
(1) on the production line, the use method of logistics containers is not standardized, the packaging has not really been standardized and standardized, and the stacking is still messy
(2) although the logistics on the production line can be smoothly transferred to the production line, there is no JIT operation, and there is still a slight margin, resulting in an increase in the cumulative margin of materials, which still affects the distribution of subsequent materials, and the shutdown on the production line still occurs from time to time
(3) different types of products with huge volume and heavy weight lead to low labor efficiency of workers and decline in product assembly quality on the production line. (1) In terms of ideological understanding, due to the unclear understanding of the importance of “logistics distribution on production line” in the factory. Mistakenly believe that standardization is limited to the standardization of containers, but fails to achieve the standardization of cognition, management and operation
(2) the punctuality of distribution is discounted. Due to the influence of the inertial thinking of the distribution personnel, they believe that “distribution is to ensure that there are materials on the production line”, “more points can be sent this time, and less points can be sent next time”, but they do not consider the rhythm and dynamics of the production line, resulting in futility and increasing the burden on the line
(3) insufficient grasp of the product. Different output and different types of products do not adopt different product layout methods according to the nature of their own production methods and technological processes
(4) due to its own defects, a single production line has high efficiency but no flexibility. Multiple types of products and frequent rotation lead to no heavy load on the production line

since human beings have production activities, they will exchange more means of production. Capital wins by how to produce more value. Therefore, with the expansion of people’s production activities, they have been pursuing high-efficiency and high-efficiency value activities, which are constantly updated and upgraded with the development of technology, Now let’s talk about the meaning of assembly line production

assembly line and automatic production line are a continuous production process in the field of industrialization. According to a certain process flow, people and mechanical equipment are combined for continuous production to increase the speed of output. With the development of technology, some assembly line production is mainly based on equipment and supplemented by people. In labor-intensive enterprises, some production modes are mainly operated by people and supplemented by equipment. Assembly line production creates a precedent of industrial production theory. It aims to increase output speed and improve efficiency, takes the time between processes as a buffer, and pursues production efficiency in the greatest form, so as to increase the output speed of the production line


the production line is a machine that continuously transports goods on a certain line, also known as a conveyor line or conveyor. According to the conveying series, the products can be divided into seven types: belt assembly line, plate chain line, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and drum assembly line. Generally, it includes traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, steering devices, supports, etc. The pipeline has large conveying capacity and long haul distance. It can also complete several process operations at the same time in the conveying process, so it has many advantages and wide application. The use of assembly line should be standardized, scientific and institutionalized in the whole process from product development and design, production and manufacturing to sales; The introduction of assembly line, by changing the production process and promoting rapid flow operation, not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the operation cost and improves the enterprise management efficiency

benefits and functions of production line:

a production organization form that processes and produces products in sequence through various working places. It is the further development of the organization form of object specialization. It is a production organization form with fine division of labor and high production efficiency. Each process is completed by a specific person step by step. Each person does a specific job.

the advantage is that production will be faster in this way, because everyone only needs to do one thing and is very familiar with what they do.
the main purpose of assembly line production mode is to make the production process of field frequency better meet the requirements of continuity, balance, proportion and balance. It has high productivity and can timely provide products in great demand in the market. Due to the use of special equipment, process equipment and mechanized transportation devices in professional production and assembly lines, it can improve labor productivity, shorten production cycle, reduce the occupation of work in progress and transportation workload, accelerate capital turnover and reduce the cost of production line. It can also Jianhua production management and promote the production technology preparation and production service of enterprises.

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