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Are Thai latex pillows vacuum packed

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latex pillows purchased are usually vacuum packed, but it is best not to store them in vacuum bags for more than six months

when storing natural latex bedding, do not weigh or store them in a humid environment. Keep the space ventilated and dry. In areas or seasons with high humidity, move the bedding outdoors to keep it dry and fresh, avoid placing it in places exposed to the sun, and avoid placing it with corrosive materials

reasons for hardening of latex pillow in winter


1. Improper maintenance. For example, although the latex pillow can be washed with water, it cannot be exposed to the sun after washing. Because the latex pillow is made of natural latex juice, the latex pillow will oxidize and harden due to ultraviolet rays in the sun. If this is the reason, the hardened latex pillow head can be soaked in water overnight and then ventilated and dried. Generally, the elasticity will return to normal

2. Bought inferior latex products. There are now 500 or 600 latex pillow brands on the market, including some household latex pillows. In order to save costs and obtain greater profit margin, some manufacturers use synthetic latex to make latex pillows. Therefore, why latex pillows become hard, it is also possible to buy synthetic latex pillows. If this is the reason, then everyone needs to learn how to identify the authenticity of latex pillows

generally speaking, regular brands use vacuum compression packaging, because it can leave a lot of space for tourists and is convenient to carry. However, the vacuum packed latex pillow will slightly damage the active molecules of the latex, so if we can, we are still unwilling to sell it to customers in vacuum packaging. But there is no way. Without vacuum compression, transportation will become difficult, and the cost will increase a lot, so we can only choose vacuum packaging.

generally, what has not been disassembled is

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