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Basic information of conveying pipeline

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the conveying line is mainly used to complete the conveying task of its materials. In the field surrounding the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, a conveyor chain composed of many belt conveyors and roller conveyors is set up, which is connected from head to tail to form a continuous conveyor line. The entrance and exit of materials are provided with path fork devices, elevators and ground conveying lines. In this way, a closed circulating conveying line system is formed within the warehouse, production workshop and packaging workshop, which can not only reach each production position smoothly, but also close. All relevant materials, parts, components, finished products and other materials used in the production process must be installed in the tray box pasted with bar code before they can enter the conveying line system. Under the action of the production order issued by the production management system, the pallet box containing materials enters the conveying line system from the designated entrance
the automatic control system of logistics conveying line mainly uses PLC control technology to enable the system to automatically and flexibly convey the production materials in the pallet box from one position to another in the production site with the best path and the fastest speed according to the production instructions and through the system’s automatic identification function and conveying line system, so as to complete the time-space transfer of production materials, Ensure that the production of various products is carried out in coordination and changes rapidly as needed. Ensure efficient operation of plant equipment and production. In this process, the optimal path control becomes the technical key of the logistics automatic control system, while the other parts of the system work around the path control
at each entrance of the conveying line, the operator loads the materials into different tray boxes according to the production plan, and then inputs the bar codes of these tray boxes into the production management system through the handheld bar code laser scanner. According to the production scheduling plan, the production management system immediately generates a production order for each pallet box bar code received and puts it into the production order form for the automatic logistics control system to find. Each production order consists of three parts: the barcode code on the pallet box, the inlet position and outlet position of the pallet box on the conveyor line

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