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Home Logistics News Can someone tell me where there is packing box printing in Guangzhou??

Can someone tell me where there is packing box printing in Guangzhou??

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it is recommended to find a local printing company or advertising printing company in Guangzhou. They should be able to print packaging boxes. Now many packaging boxes are printed by UV printing. There is no need to make plates. They can print not only ordinary effects, but also 3D and relief effects. The printing materials are as small as packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, u disks, glass, ceramic tiles, wood boards, metals, etc. it is recommended to proofing first, See whether the effect is satisfactory to avoid losses
the primary problem in selecting UV printer should be considered from the factors such as the stability of printer, the selection of nozzle, the later maintenance cost (the price of replacing nozzle), after-sales service and so on
take the nozzle for example, Ricoh G5 nozzle needs more than 20000, while Toshiba Ce4 nozzle only has about 6000. Toshiba’s service life is 24-36 months. The printing speed of Toshiba nozzle is twice that of Epson, and the accuracy is higher than that of Ricoh. Toshiba nozzle is guaranteed for two years, which determines whether the cost of the printer will increase in the future use.

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