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Can you tell me the history of Chinese Baijiu?

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Is Baijiu always China’s liquor? Did the ancients drink the same as us?

believe that we all know that liquor has a long history in China’s history as well as the boiling point baijiu. In retrospect, the history of liquor development can be roughly divided into four stages:
1, workshop wine stage: from the invention of wine making to the eve of the founding of new China. In this long historical process, brewing has been restricted by traditional technology and manual operation, with low production capacity and narrow market scope. It is the so-called “when the wind comes, the three families next door are drunk, and after the rain, open a bottle of ten mile incense”
II. Factory liquor stage: in the planned economy period after the founding of new China, factory production began, mechanical and semi mechanized brewing. Although the quality and technology have been greatly improved, the enterprise thought is conservative and the concept lags behind. “Good liquor is not afraid of deep alleys” is a typical portrayal of its thinking
III. brand liquor stage: with the emergence of market economy, brand consumption has gradually become the mainstream. In order to compete in the market, the first is the popularity of “advertising wine”. After enterprises improve their product reputation and shape their brand image by playing “billboards”, the “famous brand wine” gradually shows its advantages in front of increasingly rational consumers, making enterprises embark on the road of “famous brand strategy”
four, culture wine stage: from now to the future, when knowledge economy becomes the fundamental motive force of social development, the importance of “culture” for liquor industry development is becoming increasingly prominent. Chinese Baijiu has ushered in a new era of cultural wine. Br> liquor has made many unique contributions both in spirit and material. Baijiu net thinks that in the future, the Baijiu industry will develop better and better.
China Baijiu liquor has the passions of men of literature and writing in the historical process of
. Baijiu, a Chinese carrier, has always been the carrier of celebration, venting, offering sacrifices and worshipping. Therefore, the 5000 year old Baijiu civilization has been integrated into all regions, with various kinds of aroma and aroma. It can be said that every period of Baijiu development contains cultural information and disseminates unique ethnic and historical customs. Baijiu is a special industry. The construction of enterprise culture in Baijiu enterprises must be excavated on the basis of the liquor culture, so as to form a unique, modern culture with the characteristics of modern history, culture and culture. Br> because Chinese Baijiu Baijiu has a clear history of culture and art, liquor enterprises themselves need more powerful and strong corporate culture to promote (this is the requirement of business management, because corporate culture is the highest form of business management). Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu is a focus of liquor culture construction. We try to clarify the focus of liquor culture construction from the characteristics of liquor and its unique historical characteristics, cultural characteristics and social characteristics. Br>
, Baijiu, a historical capital of liquor culture, has a long history. Xinghuacun, Moutai, Daquan and Luzhou Lao Jiao have all had a long history in special historical periods. They left behind beautiful legends and classics of liquor. The Moutai has a long history. Therefore, historical culture has become an important part of Baijiu’s regional value or brand value. Br>
all enterprises (including brands) with international popularity have a long history – this is the basic element of a strong brand. In Baijiu culture, look far ahead from a high plane. We must constantly build our business and brand with the historical connotation and cultural genes. Only in this way will our Baijiu enterprises and brands become more and more thick. Of course, not all enterprises, all Baijiu brands have historical capital, so when we do not have the value of historical culture or historical culture to carry a business or brand, we should try to avoid “giving advice to the East”. For example, the Baijiu market is full of historical and cultural wine, which is the pseudo culture of using history and plagiarizing history. With the help of an allusion and a poem, they are known as history and culture – in fact, history and culture is just a beautiful coat for them to deceive dealers and consumers

the historically shaped corporate culture has a strong appeal to consumers. To a great extent, the success of Swellfun is a historic success of corporate culture—— Of course, the excavation and grasp of historicity must be through systematic and detailed planning, so that history can break out in the dissemination and produce huge energy

two, humanity is the essence of Baijiu enterprise culture
first, because Baijiu is an emotional commodity, she is the embodiment of exquisite life, the main body of this consumer group has cultural connotation, even the low end consumers have strong admiration for culture (even illiterate village men, at the wine table, they will sing “why worry, only Du Kang”). Therefore, Baijiu’s corporate culture must be rich in cultural genes. Therefore, culture is the primary consideration of humanism


second, the corporate culture of Baijiu Baijiu must consider the humanization of liquor human resources. Since Baijiu is a consumable consumable, it needs to be fully considered in terms of human psychology, identity, occasion and practicality. Only in this way can we make the Baijiu brand close to consumers as much as possible, so Baijiu’s corporate culture must be more humane, so that it can attract such a crowd. The humanization of human resources is mainly reflected in the performance of service to salespeople, humanistic support to dealers and network members, and the integration with the regional culture and human feelings of the target market

third, Baijiu, regardless of technological innovation or CI design, product design, brand image design, etc., must consider consumer adaptability, preferences, customs and habits. Br>
three Baijiu Baijiu is a trademark of Baijiu enterprise culture.
is a luxury consumer product. The consumer’s personal feelings are from quality. Therefore, quality is the key focus of liquor culture. Br>
with the continuous improvement of Baijiu brewing technology, the marks of the original superior quality such as aging, not being on top and not doing well have become the basic requirements of Baijiu quality. Consumers choose their brands according to their judgement of Baijiu quality to determine whether to buy them. Therefore, Luzhou Lao Jiao and Jian LAN Chun Baijiu are the most important strategic significance for making quality become trademarks. The quality of the liquor enterprises is regarded as the life of enterprises, the evaluation of consumers is the only standard to measure quality, and innovation is constantly made to improve the quality of products, not to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Br>
due to the special situation of the Chinese market, the pursuit of quality is not only reflected in the enterprise’s own process innovation, output restriction and strict control of raw materials, but also reflected in the management of marketing quality. For example, we are committed to the standardized management of the market, the construction of enterprise electronic information, and the crackdown on fake and shoddy products – these measures are to ensure the integrity and inviolability of quality

four, fashion is the connotation of liquor culture. What is the relationship between
Baijiu and fashion? Many people will definitely send such questions. We know that Baijiu can not be used to quench thirst, it is a luxury to express emotions, express taste and adorn the good life. Therefore, we must fully study the hot topics of consumer interest, understand the foundation
and direction of fashion, constantly improve our business strategy and brand strategy, constantly adapt to the trend, and become a friend around consumers, whether he is happy, happy, sad, depressed. Can talk to and share with wine. Of course, fashion contains strong aesthetic factors – only beautiful things can arouse people’s desire to enjoy

considering the cultural and fashion of Baijiu Baijiu, it is necessary to have the fashion of CF system, packaging materials, packaging and poster CI. Baijiu has new social characteristics, and beauties and fashion delicacy together to beautify people’s lives and bring the ultimate enjoyment to consumers. Fashion is not only the pursuit of surface time, but also the connotation it must have. If Baijiu enterprises do not have the connotation of fashion, they will be closely related to social groups, especially if people lose their souls. Products and enterprises without soul have no vitality. Therefore, Baijiu enterprises must abandon the old, arrogant and aging image view and design and operate with fashion. From the performance of Baijiu brand terminal, fashion has more practical significance. Br>
Baijiu Baijiu Baijiu, which is a good example of liquor making enterprises, should be more historical capital, cultural mind, artistic vision and humane hands to promote the development of enterprises. Baijiu enterprises should have distinctive characteristics of modern enterprises, so that liquor brands have strong communication power in historical value, humanistic characteristics, quality characteristics and consumer ties, which is the development direction of liquor enterprises. It is also the basis for forging a century old brand

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