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Carton cost calculation formula?

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What is the pricing formula for cartons? The finer the better. Don’t copy the network formula, but operate it in practice! thank you

length widening x 2 + 4 is equal to the length of the paper. 1
width heightening into two is the width of the paper (some cartons need to add 0.4 crease). 2
multiply 1 by 2 is the area of the paper, and then multiply by the unit price per square meter is the price of the carton

see the carton structure and printing method
if it is watermarked, the unit price of the carton is calculated by square. The general calculation method of four half swing cover and two pages into a box is (length + width + 8) × (width + height + 4) * 2 * unit price. The explanation is 8 And 4 it is the rough edge of the carton when it is manufactured. For other heterosexual structures, you can expand and measure its size, and then add 4 to the length and width, and then * the unit price
if it is offset printing, its calculation is divided into prepress cost, printing cost, material cost and other costs. Offset printing generally has different prices according to different quantities, and the starting printing fee is also different according to different printing machines in size.

go to Baidu app to view

 Hello, I'm checking for you. Please wait a moment, and I'll reply you ~ 

 Hello, I'm glad to answer [happy] 1. First, you need to determine the paper specification, 787 * 1092 /889 * 1194

 2 Ling is the unit name of 500 sheets of paper

 3 if it is 787 specification, it is about 19393 large sheets per ton, and the price per ton is 5000, that is, 0.2578 yuan per large sheet, 0.0322 yuan per 8 open sheets, and 16.1 yuan per 500 small 8 open sheets

 paper: paper (paper) zh ǐ  A thin sheet made of plant fibers for painting, printing books and newspapers, packaging, etc. Paper: the general name of paper. Paper is counted by sheet, so it is called. Paper is generally divided into: relief printing paper, newsprint, offset printing paper, coated paper, book cover paper, dictionary paper, copy paper, board paper, etc

 I hope the above answers are helpful to you ~ if you are satisfied with my answer, welcome to [love you] 

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