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Difference between cup surface and barrel surface

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the difference between cup surface and barrel surface is as follows:

1. Different weight

cup-shaped instant noodles are most obvious in the difference between large and small. Those with large packaging are called barrels and those with small packaging are called cups. The packaging of cup surface is smaller than that of barrel surface, and the cake in cup is also smaller


2. Different costs

compared with the barrel surface, the seasoning package was significantly upgraded to better ingredients when the cup surface was just developed. For example, the bone soup dumplings in the seasoning bags of bone soup noodles, barrel noodles and bag noodles are made of pig stick bones. Many consumers report that some of them taste slightly greasy. However, the bag surface and barrel surface did not make too much investment because of the limited cost. The cup noodles are combined with chicken oil to make the taste more rich and delicious

3. Sales price

cup noodles belong to medium and high price product series in major instant noodle factories. Because the cup noodles were originally only launched to match the cup noodles of Japan and South Korea, rather than actively launched, coupled with the high cost, the sales price is generally higher than that of barrel noodles

the cup surface is narrower than the barrel surface. It is suggested that the landlord eat bagged noodles, which is cheap and can reduce the harm to human body

the cup surface is narrower than the barrel surface
1. Instant noodles are also called fast food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, quick cooked noodles, instant noodles and instant noodles. In Hong Kong, it is called doll noodles. It is a kind of noodle food that can be cooked in hot water in a short time
2. Instant noodles are instant instant foods that can be eaten within a specified time (usually within 3 minutes) by cooking and frying the shredded noodles to fix the shape of the noodles (generally square or round), brewing with boiling water before eating, dissolving the seasoning, heating and brewing the noodles.

there are big and small ones. The big one is called bucket and the small one is called cup.

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