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Discussion on the present situation of Chinese Baijiu packaging design

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China’s Baijiu Baijiu is a traditional Chinese liquor. It is one of the six largest distilled spirits in the world.

analyzes the current situation and development of the packaging design of domestic liquor.
is a traditional Chinese liquor. Br> according to reliable records, Baijiu has a history of more than 1 thousand years. Now in China, Baijiu is an indispensable public drink in people’s life. According to incomplete statistics, the annual output of Baijiu reached 5 million tons. Therefore, liquor making industry is an important revenue for the state and local governments. Baijiu has a certain life cycle. Because of the long history of liquor making, Baijiu has accumulated a very deep traditional culture in the development of Baijiu. The rationality of Baijiu’s existence has a new trend: physiological needs turn to psychological needs. This requires higher requirements for the manufacturing process and packaging of liquor. That is to say, a Baijiu liquor that wants to establish a good brand must rely on a cultural connotation of the psychology of the mass consumer, and from this culture, it will start a series of integrated marketing activities such as product production, image positioning, marketing strategy and so on, so as to achieve the purpose of occupying the market and creating famous brand. Therefore, the brand culture positioning must be clear and the connotation must be thick, so as to have a rich and stable social psychological foundation and a stable consumer group. At present, the packaging of Baijiu has certain limitations in design:
first, the use of color is basically fixed in the limited range of red, yellow, gold, white, black and so on, which is basically determined by the consumption consciousness, that is, the consumer group only agrees with this color system. Although there are exceptions, they are not very successful in sales. For example, the “* * king” wine produced by a winery in Gansu Province adopts a large area of black inlaid Phnom Penh, which enriches the layout effect with screen printing and sanding process. The whole design is luxurious, generous and concise. From the design point of view alone, it should be a more successful work. However, it is disappointing in sales
Second, there is a lack of innovation in the box type, mainly including the limited number of top flip, heaven and earth cover, multilateral box, book box and so on. The new and ingenious appearance of a product in packaging modeling can make the expressed product attributes clear at a glance, so as to make consumers have consumption impulse. For example, the “waiter” wine produced by Anwei Jingzhong group Brewing Co., Ltd. has made a lot of efforts in the box design: the shape is designed into a small wine shop, the front window is opened, the waiter drinks enthusiastically on the box, and the “waiter” wine flag above the window flutters in the wind. The bottle design is more ingenious: a waiter embracing the wine world is smiling. The harmonious unity of product name and appearance packaging makes the product popular with consumers because of its humorous and interesting cultural connotation and excellent quality. However, such successful product packaging design is still relatively few on the whole. The main reason for this situation is that there are few professional groups engaged in box design in China, and few packaging designers are proficient in graphic design and familiar with box design. Often the graphic design is better, but the box type is not satisfactory, or the box type design is good, but it can not be mass produced due to printing technology and other reasons
Third, the printing process is relatively backward. At present, the process upgrading of China’s printing industry is slow, which has lagged behind developed countries such as Japan, the United States and Germany. A new printing process needs a long cycle from the experimental stage to creating benefits, which is particularly prominent in the mainland. For example, the refraction on gold card paper, the old process was troublesome in the past, and it was formed by corroding the copper plate to produce pressure on the paper. This method is not guaranteed in terms of quality, because the pressure of the machine determines the quality of refraction, and the greater the pressure, the greater the damage to the machine. Sometimes workers damage the quality in order to protect the machine and reduce the pressure. Now there is a new process that is more successful in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, that is, screen printing a “refractive ink”, with excellent effect. In fact, the key of this process is just a special ink. However, it has been used in Jiangsu and Zhejiang for nearly two or three years before it attracted attention in the mainland, which shows that our printing factory has insufficient innovation consciousness and new ideas, so it is inevitable to fall behind
Fourth, there is a lack of systematicness in graphic design. Baijiu manufacturers’ consideration on sales will form high, medium and low grade products in the product structure. Usually, high-grade wine establishes brand and image, and middle-grade and low-grade wine generates profits. Therefore, we should pay attention to both unity and differentiation in packaging design. In other words, we should not only make consumers marry the good impression of high-grade wine to low-grade wine, but also make low-grade wine destroy the image of high-grade wine. For example, the “Jinliufu” liquor produced by Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye Group is a successful model. The product forms high, medium and low-grade liquor with one star, two stars, three stars, four stars and five stars. In graphic design, the five grades of wine are divided by the image of ancient invitation cards to convey the consumption information of warm invitation and good wishes to consumers. In the use of materials and printing technology, distinguish products of various grades, so that the harmony and characteristics of the product packaging coexist, unity and difference coexist, and achieve good social and economic benefits. Combined with the scientific marketing model, the “Jinliufu” series wine has achieved the miracle of becoming a domestic well-known brand in just three or four years, and the packaging design obviously contributes a lot. However, in other brands, they do not pay much attention to the unity of series packaging. Many wineries are confused in packaging design and brand application. In the long run, no matter how big a strong brand will decline in the short term and become a funeral object of the market economy.

fifth, the unity of packaging design and product attributes. Packaging should first focus on the product and should not run counter to the attributes of the product. The positioning of advertising appeal determines the target consumer group of the product. Therefore, the product, promotional advertising products, sales strategy and its packaging must be subject to this appeal point. In terms of packaging design, we must develop creativity and conception layout around the established appeal point. If the design is contrary to the pre-determined selling points of the product, it will inevitably lead to the confusion of consumption consciousness. In other words, consumers will not find a reason to drink your wine. The “wedding banquet” is suitable for friends and relatives, and the “golden wine” is more suitable for “friends and relatives”, etc. Sixth, we should strengthen exchanges and communication with customers. At present, many designers have a very painful place, that is, the forced participation of customers in the design process. Originally, the participation of customers is very beneficial to the finalization of the company and winning orders, but if the customers do not have a little advertising quality, telling the designer that this business will become a disaster and make him suffer. In order to win the business order, the vast majority of design companies or designers will succumb to the unprofessional opinions of customers and be at a loss, and
pay a painful price for this. Therefore, it is very important to communicate with customers before designing packaging. In other words, while serving customers, you have to guide customers and explain your design reasons and expression methods to them, so as to get customers’ recognition and respect. At present, the ability to sell yourself and persuade others has become a compulsory course for designers. When you and your customers reach a consensus on the product packaging design concept through efforts, you can get twice the result with half the effort and enjoy the cooperation in the future. To sum up, the Baijiu packaging on the market is rather confusing, the overall design level is not high, and there is no visual effect and market effect. In the design, less consideration is given to the aspects conducive to marketing, more to the plane composition, color matching and so on, while ignoring the brand attribute and counter effect. The ultimate goal of a packaging work is to serve the sales of products. If the packaging does not play a role in the sales of products or even hinder the sales, even if it wins an international award, it is a failed work. Baijiu consumption market is now in a critical period, and sales are shrinking year by year.

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