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Does the automatic labeling machine have requirements for labels?

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label requirements for easy packaging

1 It should be made into reel

2. The distance between labels is 2-3mm


3. The text direction of the finished product label shall be determined according to the direction of the labeling machine used

4. The outer diameter of the paper roll is generally φ 300-400mm, inner diameter of paper roll φ 76.2mm

5. The backing paper shall be made of most glasin materials or more tensile materials

I don’t know about other automatic labeling machines, but I know that the requirements of Longhai Huanyu’s automatic labeling machine for labels are:
(1) the interval between labels is 2-3mm
(2) the label is 2mm away from the edge of the bottom paper
(3) it is recommended to use grasin backing paper for the label. This backing paper has good toughness and can prevent breakage from affecting production
(4) the inner diameter of label roll is 76mm and the outer diameter is less than 280mm
(for details, you can also communicate with the technical engineer of Longhai Huanyu for confirmation. I’m just for reference)

there are many types of automatic labeling machines, and each type of labeling machine has different requirements for labels. Like Dongguan Yidong’s automatic positioning vertical round bottle labeling machine, its applicable label range: width 20 ~ 180mm, length 20 ~ 285mm. (for details, you can also consult the engineers of Dongguan Yidong automation company. I’m just for reference)

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