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Home Logistics News Does the high frequency plastic fuse function fuse the bottle cap??

Does the high frequency plastic fuse function fuse the bottle cap??

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Hello! The high-frequency plastic fuse can not be used to fuse the bottle cap, because the high-frequency fuse is used for the fusing process after heat sealing. The production of bottle caps does not need the heat sealing process. If you want to cut the bottle cap, you should use the cutting machine—- Junjingsai (Chongqing) specializes in blister machine, high frequency, air compressor and cutting machine. We are happy to answer for you. Thank you!

Hello, I can’t do it.
the high-frequency synchronous fuse machine is mainly used for processing products that need high-frequency welding and must be cut synchronously. The working principle of the high-frequency fuse machine is to use high-frequency welding first and then cut off at the same time, which is basically completed at the same time. It is suitable for large-area high-frequency welding and cutting, cushion forming, large-scale foot pad forming, high-frequency flexible cord rubber box pressing of APET, PETG, gag and other environmental protection materials. It can also be used for sealing and packaging of double-sided blister shells made of environmental protection materials, blister paper card packaging, toothbrush sealing and packaging, as well as EVA cloth leather, leather, OPP, PU, watch strap, sling, hot water bag, thermal bag and other products that need to be fused and fused simultaneously.

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