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Executive Standard No.: GB 2711-2014 can you print on the package?

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for prepackaged food in accordance with the national food safety standard gluten products (GB 2711-2014), the product standard code can and must be marked on the food label

this provision comes from the national standard GB 7718-2011 general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food under national food safety standards

this standard is applicable to the labels of prepackaged food directly provided to consumers and those not directly provided to consumers


this standard is not applicable to the labeling of food storage and transportation packaging, bulk food and ready-made food for sale that provide protection for pre packaged food during storage and transportation

the following screenshot is the content related to this topic in the standard:

according to the provisions of “4.1.10 product standard code”: “mark the standard code and sequence number implemented by the product”, but do not mark the year of the standard. For this topic, only the implementation label GB 2711 can be marked

and this should be indicated

please accept it. Thank you

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