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Export logistics packaging?

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basic knowledge of export commodity packaging and price formula

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depending on your specific situation, first of all, you should meet the requirements of the guests. If the guests agree to allow you to mix loading, or if the mixed loading will not damage the outer packaging and affect the sales or use due to the disassembly of the consignee, you can mix loading. The purpose of mixed loading is to save space, improve the utilization rate of container space and save freight, In short, everything is based on feasibility!

in order to facilitate the buyer’s picking up and inspection, usually only the same or the same kind of goods are placed in a pallet or packing box. Mixing packages will cause inconvenience in unpacking and checking packages abroad. At the same time, the serial number shall be indicated on the packing box, and what is in the box with a serial number shall be listed on the packing list. It’s clear at a glance


export does not need competition only in terms of price, but also in terms of service. Only by doing the details well can we stabilize the source of customers.

it can be installed together as long as there is space

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