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Green materials for green packaging

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starch based degradable filler is a new type of super light starch based foaming material (starch based foam particles) made from plant starch through extrusion process. It can produce environmentally friendly, low-carbon and low-energy degradable filler without adding any foaming agent; There is no “three wastes” discharge in the whole production process, which meets the requirements of environmental protection. As a packaging filler, starch based degradable filler can quickly and evenly fill the surrounding space of packaging items. Starch based bubble particles are widely used in developed countries because of their green and environmental protection, complete degradation, non-toxic and harmless, light weight, anti-static and other characteristics.

green materials are paid more and more attention by businesses, and the development of new environmental friendly green materials is becoming more and more important. Packmake Parker has been relatively mature in the development of using pure natural materials as green materials. For example, use leaves and bark as packaging materials, use waste newspapers as shock-absorbing fillers in packaging boxes after processing and characterization, and use polymer technology to process and transform PVC waste, so as to improve synthetic leather and reduce the application of leather

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