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How can the pillow packing machine press out and fold

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How can the pillow packaging machine make the sealed products fold up and down like biscuits, and the front and back sealing is folded

pillow packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with strong packaging capacity and can be suitable for various specifications for food and non food packaging. It can not only be used for the packaging of non trademark packaging materials, but also can use the drum material with trademark pattern printed in advance for high-speed packaging. In packaging production, due to the error between the positioning color codes printed on the packaging materials, the stretching of the packaging materials and the influence of mechanical transmission and other factors, the predetermined sealing and cutting parts on the packaging materials may deviate from the correct position and produce errors. In order to eliminate errors and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, automatic positioning must be considered in packaging design. Most of the solutions to this problem are to complete the design of continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system according to the positioning mark of packaging materials. The continuous photoelectric positioning system is divided into forward and backward type, braking type and synchronous type of two transmission systems according to the working mode of error compensation

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