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How does the automatic sealing machine work?

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there are many manufacturers of sealing machines, but their working principles are the same. Let’s take the (Liyue packaging) automatic sealing machine as an example: use adhesive tape to seal the upper and lower bottom of the packaging carton. The automatic sealing machine can also automatically adjust the height and width of different package sizes, which is suitable for mass production. After the products are packed, they are sent to the case sealing machine through the conveyor chain (belt and roller) and delivered to the case conveying mechanism. The two sides of the carton are clamped by the case clamping belt and move forward. The front short tongue is automatically bent by the tongue pressing frame. When the carton enters the sealing machine idler, a detection signal (photoelectric signal) informs the tongue cylinder to act. The tongue pressing frame bends it. At the same time, a signal informs the glue melting machine to spray glue automatically. The carton continues to move forward. The left and right long tongues automatically bend to the middle through the guide rod. At the same time, the belt of the box pressing mechanism synchronously presses the left and right long tongues of the carton to make the box, tongue and glue together to complete the shaping action of sealing, that is, the last process of product packaging – automatic sealing.

there are many kinds of sealing machines and many manufacturers, but the principle is the same. As for the omni-directional cover folding and sealing machine (Smecta intelligent) I know better: the product is sent to the sealing machine through the roller line after being packed, and the two sides of the carton are clamped by the clamping belt to continue moving forward. First, the front and rear, left and right omni-directional covers are folded, and then the upper and lower rubber belts are sealed at the same time. The whole sealing action is over
this omni-directional cover folding and sealing machine also has some characteristics. On the basis of realizing the one-time completion of cover folding and sealing, it has added the automatic scanning and identification function. It will automatically adjust the sealing width according to the size of the carton, avoiding the problem of jamming caused by irregular boxes. The tape applicator is equipped with an induction device, which will automatically stop when the tape falls off and the length is insufficient, so as to avoid the failure of sealing the box, resulting in safety risks.

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