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How does Yonghui supermarket respond to the 1 yuan packaging fee?

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the Internet is constantly changing people’s lives. Now more and more people no longer go shopping, but directly buy things online. There are also many people who do not want to cook or eat in restaurants, but order takeout. In the past, people bought some daily necessities and also went shopping in supermarkets. Now many supermarkets are developing online business. People can order online without leaving home, just like online shopping, Yonghui supermarket is no exception. Yonghui life applet can buy things online, but now Yonghui supermarket has become the focus of attention about charging a dollar packaging fee. How does Yonghui supermarket respond to this question

I. what’s the matter with Yonghui supermarket illegally charging one yuan packaging fee

&nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; It is understood that the Yonghui life applet charges a packaging fee of 1 yuan for each order without the consent of consumers, a total of 201480 orders. The illegal income is 8059.2 yuan. This behavior of Yonghui life applet was also punished by the relevant regulatory authorities, with a penalty amount of 32000 yuan


II. How did Yonghui supermarket respond to this incident

&nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Yonghui supermarket has a positive attitude towards the punishment imposed by the relevant regulatory authorities, and issued an apology statement in a timely manner. In the statement, it pointed out that it would like to thank the vast number of consumers for their supervision of Yonghui supermarket. Yonghui supermarket will actively cooperate with the supervision and management of the regulatory authorities, apologize to everyone for the illegal charging of a dollar packaging fee for Yonghui life applet, and has asked the relevant technical departments to rectify

III. how do netizens view the behavior of Yonghui supermarket

&nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; Although Yonghui supermarket issued such a statement of apology and made a commitment to rectification, some consumers found that the current Yonghui life applet is still charging a one dollar packaging fee, so they also hope that Yonghui supermarket can truly fulfill all its commitments

the brand apologized for this situation and said that it had recognized its own mistakes without the consent of these consumers and would make adjustments later.

10, Yonghui supermarket issued an apology statement, saying that it attached great importance to the problem of “Yonghui life app charging 1 yuan packaging fee”, and expressed its sincere apology. Yonghui sincerely accepted the punishment decision of the regulatory department and immediately rectified it. After the problem occurred, the company’s business and technical departments have urgently optimized commodity packaging services and charging rules. On the 9th, it was reported that Yonghui life app charged a packaging fee of 1 yuan for each order without the prior consent of the consumer. A total of 201480 orders were confiscated and fined more than 32000 yuan.

I apologized, expressed my apologies, will pay the fine, and will make rectification. This reply is also quite serious.

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