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How is the new packaging of nongnongshanquan designed?

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I learned design. The new packaging of nongnongshan spring is very beautiful. How did you design it?

I also think the new packaging of Nongfu mountain spring is very beautiful. The main pattern of the glass bottle body selects the species unique to Changbai Mountain, such as northeast tiger, Chinese merganser and Korean pine. Beside the pattern, there are written descriptions such as “58 species of national key protected animals are known in Changbai Mountain, and northeast tiger belongs to national first-class protected animals”, which reveals a strong atmosphere of ecological and humanistic care. In order to pursue a perfect packaging design, nongnongshanquan repeatedly discussed, overturned and modified the works of five design studios in three countries: Britain, Italy and Russia. It took three years before and after the design was finally confirmed until the end of 2014. It has experienced a total of 58 drafts. It’s really not easy!

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