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How is the packaging bag design process? Can you tell me

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1. It’s better to use vector software. Of course, it’s OK to use PS resolution 300 CMYK color mode. It’s completely according to personal preferences and proficiency. If you make a pattern with PS, put it in AI, save PS as PDF file, and the background layer is transparent, then pull it down in AI
2. The definition is related to the resolution. The 300 resolution of conventional size packaging is sufficient, and there is no way to ensure the definition. Set as many as you want. Save it as PDF and set it according to the default options
3. I don’t know whether you are talking about the content of the package or your design description. If you start using PS for the content of the package, wouldn’t it be better to do the copy in PS. If it’s a package design description, it’s OK to do it anywhere, even with word or PPT
4. It is recommended to use AI. For complex drawings or drawings that can only be processed by PS, it is better to handle them and then pull them into AI. Remember to copy them into a separate layer and then pull them into the pictures you need to process, or open them directly and process them in PDF files. If you are only responsible for the design and the design content does not involve the later production work, there are few factors to consider. If production is needed, remember to do a good job in bleeding position and other pre press precautions.

Hello, what you said is very contradictory

1) packaging can be completed in AI or PS
2) the minimum resolution of a new document created by PS is 300, which can be used for printing
3) PS and AI are used together. Generally, PS is used to process picture materials. Whether the image in AI is scaled or not, as long as its resolution is higher than 300, there is no problem. The pictures in AI should not be higher than 500, which will greatly affect the operation of the file. “More pictures jam you”

look, what you say below is not talking about the packaging design process:
1) first confirm the packaging size and packaging type
2) the new PS document should contain 3mm bleeding bit [normally speaking], AI file. Just draw the tool die in the new document
3) confirm the subject content before design
4) design and manufacture.


first select the bag style template, and then make the pattern. Pattern PS AI can be. Four color diagram

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