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How much is the price of a plastic printing press?

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printing machines include gravure printing machines, convex printing machines, etc. plastic printing machines are generally flexographic, and their prices are generally quoted according to the number of colors. If it is a monochrome printing press, the price is generally more than 10000. For each additional color, the price of the printing press should also be increased by one copy

the difference between Gravure plastic printing press and relief plastic printing press is actually very simple, that is, one impression is concave and the other is convex. This difference is mainly due to the difference in the amount of color. Some patterns may use one of them to save more pigment


what kind of printing machine is more suitable for making plastic bags? Generally, relief plastic printing machine is used. This is more common. Of course, it also depends on your pattern. I suggest you can go directly to the plastic printing machine merchant [Guoyan plastic machinery] to have a look, and then ask the merchant to introduce you which one is more suitable

the general style of the plastic printer is as follows:

I hope my answer can be useful, thank you

there are plastic printing machine manufacturers with prices ranging from 10000 to 500000, which are mainly divided into two levels:
1. Civil plastic printing machines with prices ranging from 50000 to 80000, most of which are Epson nozzles or Ricoh gh2220 nozzles
2. Industrial grade plastic printing machines, with a price of more than 160000, are mostly high-end nozzles among industrial nozzles.

you have a problem with this question. What kind of printing you are going to do is what kind of product you are going to make.
the machine is selected according to the product, otherwise you will get the machine wrong and have a headache

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