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Home Logistics News How to act as an agent? I want to start a business at home. I think my friend sells astaxanthin weight-loss biscuits well recently, because she wants to be thin this summer. Does she have a patent?

How to act as an agent? I want to start a business at home. I think my friend sells astaxanthin weight-loss biscuits well recently, because she wants to be thin this summer. Does she have a patent?

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if you want to start a business, it is recommended that you choose a suitable business project to see whether you have the qualification of relevant projects, and make down-to-earth efforts after finding the right project. Of course, capital also needs to be considered in the process of entrepreneurship. If you have limited start-up capital, you can solve it by means of microfinance

it is recommended to use qianqianhua, a credit brand of duxiaoman finance. It provides users with safe, convenient, unsecured and unsecured credit services. If you borrow money, you can go to the duxiaoman finance app (click the official measurement). The daily interest rate of money spending consumer loans is as low as 0.02% and the annualized interest rate is as low as 7.2%. It has the characteristics of simple application, low interest rate, fast lending, flexible borrowing and repayment, transparent interest and fee, strong security and so on

Du Xiaoman financial 818 benefit has been officially opened. From August 9, 2021 to September 30, 2021, Du Xiaoman financial app can participate in 818 benefit activities. Inviting business friends can get cash rewards of up to 10000 yuan. At the same time, friends can get a “loan interest rate discount of 10000 yuan per day”. For more activity details, please pay attention to Du Xiaoman financial app. There are many prizes. Please look forward to it


share with you the application conditions for rich consumer products: mainly divided into age requirements and data requirements
I. age requirement: between 18-55 years old. Special note: money flower refuses to provide installment loans for consumption to school students. If you are a school student, please give up your application
II. Data requirements: your second-generation ID card and personal debit card need to be provided during the application process
note: the application only supports debit card, and the application card is also your borrowing bank card. My ID information needs to be the second-generation ID card information, and I can’t apply with temporary ID card, expired ID card or first-generation ID card

this answer is provided by qianhuahua. Due to the timeliness of the content and other objective reasons, if the answer content is inconsistent with the actual interest and fee calculation method of qianhuahua products, the display of duxiaoman financial app qianhuahua loan page shall prevail. I hope this answer is helpful to you

if you want to start a business, you need to consider at least the following aspects:
1. Consider appropriate entrepreneurial projects. For example, do you want to engage in catering industry, clothing industry, Internet industry, education industry or other industries; Whether to start a business in the form of franchise or operate independently; Is it an online store or a physical store. At the same time, you should also consider whether the entrepreneurial project you choose has development prospects and can be profitable
2. Consider whether you have qualifications. For example, if you want to engage in the catering industry, do you have this experience and necessary knowledge
3. Consider venture capital. Any business cannot do without venture capital. Have you prepared enough capital. In addition, any entrepreneurship is likely to fail. Are you ready for possible losses
if you are starting a business and have insufficient working capital, you can try to apply for a loan. Now there are many credit platforms that help small and micro enterprises with capital turnover. Remember to choose a formal platform, such as Du Xiaoman finance, which has high quota and low interest rate. It is understood that 70% of the credit users of Du Xiaoman finance are small and micro enterprise owners, and big brands are more at ease. For families of small and micro enterprises, on May 21, 2021, Du Xiaoman finance launched a small and micro assistance activity with the theme of “home and wanyexing”, providing 100000 gift packs of “daily interest in case + million insurance”. Limited quantity, first come, first served. Please refer to the display on the financial app page of Du Xiaoman for specific activity details
this answer is provided by KangBo finance and economics. KangBo finance and economics focuses on the interpretation of financial hot events and the popularization of financial knowledge. It adheres to professionalism, pursues interest, makes financial content that people can understand, and conveys financial value in vivid and diverse ways. I hope this answer is helpful to you.

I think it’s OK, but first of all, you should have more friends in your circle of friends and start looking for more resources in the future. Otherwise, it’s difficult to sell yourself.

how to act as an agent? In fact, it’s more about whether you are familiar with this industry or not? Can you promote it correctly

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