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How to build the founder’s packaging? Does it play a big role in the new brand?

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first education
second experience
third personality
this has a great impact on the brand, but at the same time, the brand is also closely related to the founder. Ma Yun’s Alibaba is a successful case, and Chen Ou’s Jumei premium product is a reference case

for a start-up brand, brand building is closely related to the influence of leaders. Especially in industries such as lawyers and accountants, the leader can be described as the signboard of the brand. Here, combined with the experience of helping some enterprise bosses build their own personal brands, uncle Xingtian’s team in Shanghai will talk to you about how to build their own personal brands
1. Open columns and write articles: reflect professionalism
publish some professional views of the boss on some we media platforms, such as some famous columns, Zhihu, huolf, 36 krypton, etc., to form the impression of industry experts
2. Social interaction: increase influence
open social platforms such as microblog and live broadcast to form good interaction with some fans. Let the latest influence carrier play its due role and raise its industry influence to a higher level
3. Short video analysis opinion: communication influence
whether it’s the anatomy of the industry situation or the interpretation of real-time hot events, you can directly record it and upload it to major video traffic platforms to spread influence
4. Multiple exposure: promote the boss’s personal brand throughout the network
at this time, you can find an online promotion company to make professional planning for the CEO’s personal brand promotion. Because efficient personal brand promotion often brings high influence, it will give you many benefits
when customers approve you, they will naturally approve your products.

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