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How to design the metal of the packing box?

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Like the metal of this box, how do I design it?

ordinary box (double cover box, aircraft box)
upper and lower lugs. The upper part is the same as the bottom. It can be opened on the same side. It is convenient for packaging and has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for lighter goods
insert bottom box (Japanese bottom box)
the bottom is a four piece tenon, which uses the interaction of structure to increase the load capacity and facilitate disassembly. It is the most economical and cost-effective box type
paste bottom box
it has the best loading capacity, convenient disassembly and slightly higher cost. It is suitable for heavier products such as cans and glass bottles
tongue box
ordinary box or bottom box plus single or multiple tongue can avoid the long opening of the carton, resulting in loose closure
portable box
the structural design makes the packing box portable, or cotton rope is added, so there is no need to use a handbag. The box structure can also be stacked for convenient transportation
hanging box
the bottom box and hanging hole are designed so that the goods can be displayed on the hook
window opening box
the paper box shall be perforated for window opening, or transparent cellophane shall be pasted to facilitate the perspective of goods
cellophane can be made of PVC economic material and pet environmental protection material, and different thickness can be selected
integrated box
after the packaging box is spread out, it is a whole sheet of chopped paper. The structural design is used to achieve integrated molding without pasting the box, which can save processing cost
heaven and earth box
it is divided into box cover and bottom box. The two are separated. There is more paper and the cost is slightly higher, but the texture is good. It can also be made into double-layer thickness to increase the firmness. It is suitable for high-quality gift boxes, such as clothing, jewelry or food gift boxes, and can improve the image of products
sleeve box (Matchbox)
it is divided into inner box and sleeve. It is opened and closed in the way of extraction. There is more paper and the price is slightly higher. It is the same packaging method with better texture as Tiandi box
portable box (fruit gift box)
the bottom is a plug-in box to increase the load capacity. The upper portable design is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It is mounted with tile paper. It is the most commonly used box type of gift box
the outer box
is covered with corrugated paper and sealed with adhesive tape. It has good load capacity and inconvenient disassembly and assembly. It is suitable for heavier goods
special structure packaging box
the packaging structure is designed according to special needs to create market segmentation and impress consumers

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when designing, use pictures instead and leave the size and position


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