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How to distinguish the authenticity of the latest packaged red Nanjing cigarettes

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take a look at a bag. The transparent paper of genuine and famous cigarettes shall be flat, and the lap shall be flat and smooth; The sealing of strip bag shall be mechanically bonded. Fake goods are often packed with defective old crystals, which are uneven and smooth, and the lap and seal are mostly glued with glue; The strip package is loose and feels soft and hard unevenly

second look at the cigarette box. Famous cigarette packets and cigarette boxes are packed with transparent paper, which is solid and flat. The transparent paper of fake cigarette is not flat, the tension strap and transparent paper are not bonded, and the transparent paper is uneven after being opened

look at trademarks three times. The label of the famous cigarette’s strip bag is consistent with that of the small bag, and the pattern and handwriting are clear. The printing of fake cigarette patterns is rough, with different colors and unclear handwriting, and some errors and omissions in Chinese pinyin and English appear

four look at the mouth flower. The mouth flower of famous tobacco is generally printed with the same manufacturer name as the strip and box, with the same width. The joint is the combination of two thin strips, which is easy to open without breaking. The mouth flower of fake cigarette is inconsistent with the name of the manufacturer on the strip and box, and the width is different. The mouth flower seal is glued with glue or paste, which is not easy to open


five eyes. The needle hole is left by the cigarette mechanical packaging. There are two scratch holes at the corners on both sides of the bottom of the horizontal packaging box, and the scratch hole on one side of the vertical package after opening the seal is the needle hole. Because the fake goods are packed by hand, they generally have no needle eyes and obvious traces of scissors

six cigarettes. The cut of the famous brand filter is neat, the cigarette is rolled in uniform thickness, moderate hardness and softness, the steel seal, machine number and month handwriting are clear, the cigarette surface is clean, and the lap joint is smokeless. Fake cigarettes are the opposite

seven look and talk. The nozzle of famous cigarettes is full and does not leak. Generally, the nozzle of fake cigarettes is loose and easy to leak

eight look at cut tobacco. Famous tobacco has few cut tobacco stems, and after expansion treatment, the cut tobacco is oily and shiny. Fake cut tobacco has many cigarette stems, and even there is a mixture in cut tobacco. Cut tobacco is dull and cyan brown

nine smells. Famous cigarettes have the unique natural fragrance of tobacco. Fake cigarettes have excessive flavoring or use inferior essence. They have unpleasant essence or flat aroma

ten fuel absorption. Famous cigarettes have pure aroma and comfortable aftertaste. They don’t go out automatically after being lit. The ash is gray and not easy to scatter. Fake tobacco leaves are generally not fermented, with spicy throat and uncomfortable aftertaste; It is easy to extinguish after ignition, and the soot is gray black and easy to fall. Good luck and make a fortune!

first of all, it will be very red, as I saw that day. It’s more red than Nanjing. It’s the same as Nanjing. It doesn’t print well. It’s hard to smoke. Just smoke!

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