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How to distinguish true and false Purple Diamond smoke

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I. General methods to identify counterfeit cigarettes

the counterfeit high-grade cigarettes in the market are made by clever means, mostly rolled by machinery. In addition, the trademark and packaging of cigarette boxes are the same as those of real cigarettes, which is enough to be confused with real cigarettes. However, the production of fake cigarettes is limited by certain conditions, which can be identified in detail. The appearance and internal quality of cigarettes can be used to identify whether they are counterfeit
(1) appearance
one is a famous brand cigarette package made by criminals without permission. Due to its limited conditions, this kind of packaging generally has fuzzy handwriting, incorrect toner, inaccurate color registration, and obvious plate walking phenomenon. The words on the fake cigarette paper are usually engraved on the mold first and then printed, and the fine parts in the pattern often appear very rough and easy to identify
the other is to pack fake cigarettes in real packages. This requires some expertise. Criminals often use the real cigarette packaging paper scrapped during the test run of the printing factory. This kind of paper is accurate in plate making, but because it is used during the test run, most of the colors are not correct and the color is set to go through the plate. There are also a few lawless elements who collude inside and outside to roll counterfeit cigarettes with authentic packaging paper stolen from the same tobacco factory. This requires a careful look at the cellophane packaging outside the cigarette box. At present, high-grade cigarettes are packaged with cellophane. The regular cigarette factory adopts automatic packaging. When packaging cellophane, the packaging machine has the ability of hot pressing. The bonded cellophane is flat after hot pressing, and pasted with the paper inside, with moderate tightness. The hand packed cellophane is not hot pressed and uneven. In order to obtain the surface paperback, it must be pulled very tightly, resulting in the ups and downs of the packaging paper inside. Cellophane is generally crooked, dirty and loose. In addition, all cigarettes with cellophane have open straps. The exposed ends of genuine straps are round, while fake ones are often cut ends. Genuine cigarettes are cut by machine cigarettes. The cut is flat, round and full. The font, production month and shift code on the cigarette are clear and complete. The lap seam is in a straight line without cigarette ends. The length and thickness of cigarettes are uniform. The cut of fake cigarette is hairy and not round, the surface is not clean, and the stitches are skewed, often with cigarette dust. The length, thickness and tightness of cigarettes are not uniform. From the appearance, the length of the Yellow tipping paper on the outer package of the filter tip of real and fake cigarettes may be the same, but in fact, the length of the filter tip rod inside is different. The tipping paper lap of genuine cigarettes is generally 4mm, and the steel seal on the cigarette is 31-35mm away from the upper end of the mouth, and the steel seal is on the same straight line. Generally, the filter rod of counterfeit cigarette is short, and the cut tobacco and the filter are rolled up at the same time with paper (white paper). The lap of tipping paper is about 10mm, and the cut tobacco at the lap is loose, even with great gap and air leakage. The steel seal and font on the cigarette are light in color and uneven up and down
(2) internal quality
genuine cigarettes are produced by machines. They are rolled into cigarettes, cut off and then installed with filters. The length and thickness of cigarettes are the same, and the length and thickness of filters are the same. Since the cut tobacco of counterfeit cigarettes is put in manually, the length of rolled cigarettes is generally the same, but the thickness is different, the tightness is different, and the cut tobacco at the joint with the filter is relatively loose; Moreover, from the appearance, although the Yellow wrapping paper of the filter is the same in length, in fact, the length of the filter rod inside is uneven, which is generally very short, and some are only 1 /3 of the length of the normal filter. For accurate identification, consumers can open the Yellow packing paper. As long as the cigarette tray paper (i.e. white paper) rolls up the cut tobacco and filter tip at the same time, it must be counterfeit cigarettes; If the filter rod inside is much shorter than the yellow paper outside, it is also a counterfeit cigarette
when national tobacco factories produce cigarettes, cut tobacco should be fermented and expanded, and it is not easy to mildew and dry after long-term storage; The cut tobacco is slender and uniform (the length of cut tobacco is 0.6-0.7mm), with few stems, pure color and oil feeling. The hand-made tobacco has not undergone fermentation and expansion process, and there is an obvious grass odor when it is inhaled. In order to pursue the similarity of appearance and color, some criminals dye the inferior tobacco leaves with chemical pigments or mix them with loess. This kind of tobacco has obvious spicy or earthy smell, and the cut tobacco is fine and mixed in color, and some even have large “tobacco tendons”
the national standard for cigarettes stipulates that since January 1, 1987, all cigarettes must be marked with the grade of tar contained on the small box package, that is, high, medium and low grades on the side of the small box. If the tar content in each cigarette is less than 15mg, it is a low grade; Between 15mg and 25mg is medium grade; If the content is more than 25mg, it is high-grade. There is no such instruction in the package of counterfeit cigarettes
(3) identification of counterfeiting methods
in recent years, the appearance and internal quality of counterfeit cigarettes in the market are not significantly different from those of genuine cigarettes. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out sensory evaluation and comparative identification of genuine products and tested products at the same time. From the identification of counterfeiting techniques, fake cigarettes can be roughly divided into three categories:
1. Counterfeit cigarettes made by hand. A cigarette made of raw cut tobacco, cigarette leftovers or self-made cut tobacco by the manufacturer through manual operation. This kind of false smoke is easy to identify because of its poor appearance and internal quality. Because the cut tobacco of this fake cigarette is of poor quality and the manufacturing process is rough. Some cut tobacco is also chemically dyed, so it is the most harmful to human health
2. Counterfeit cigarettes made by machines. Such cigarettes are usually counterfeit cigarettes smuggled in from abroad or illegally manufactured by mainland “underground cigarette factories”. This kind of counterfeit cigarette often has its own formula and relatively complete technology and equipment. Although there are many differences compared with authentic products, its appearance quality is usually very similar to authentic products, which is very easy to deceive consumers. There are a large number of such counterfeit cigarettes, which are the main form of counterfeit cigarettes at present
3. Counterfeit cigarettes with manual packaging change. Use cigarettes of the same specification and brand (such as inferior cigarettes or low-grade cigarettes) or different brands, remove the original packaging paper by manual operation, and refit them into brands with higher grade or price. For example, “Yunyan” and “Camellia” modified by secondary cigarette, the fully packaged “Peony” modified by paperback “Peony”, and the “yellow red plum” modified by “white red plum”, etc
2. Identification of genuine and fake cigarettes

the identification of genuine and fake cigarettes should grasp the following 11 basic points:
(1) look at the strip package
the transparent paper of the strip package of genuine and famous cigarettes is
flat, and the lap is ironed with a soldering iron, flat and smooth; The sealing of strip bag shall be mechanically bonded. Fake goods are often packed with defective old goods, which are not flat and smooth; Laps and seals are mostly glued with glue; The strip package is loose and feels soft and hard unevenly
(2) look at the small box
the small package of famous cigarettes is packed with transparent paper. The pull strap head of the pull wire is in the shape of a small tongue, and the bonding is firm and flat. The transparent paper of fake cigarettes is uneven and loose. The pull head is generally flat head, and most of them have no head; The tension tape and transparent paper are not bonded; After opening, the transparent paper of the cigarette box is uneven
(3) look at the trademark
the package of famous cigarettes has the same trademark as the small package, and the pattern and handwriting are clear. The printing of counterfeit cigarette pattern is rough, the color depth is different, the handwriting is fuzzy, some letters are incomplete, and there are errors and omissions in Chinese pinyin or English letters
(4) look at the mouth flower
the mouth flower of famous cigarettes is printed with the name of the manufacturer consistent with the strip and box. The width of the mouth flower is the same. The bonding part is bonded by two thin strips, which is easy to open but not broken. The mouth flower of fake cigarettes is inconsistent with the name of the manufacturer on the strip and box, and the width of the mouth flower is also inconsistent. The mouth flower seal is bonded, and the whole part is coated with glue or paste, which is not easy to open
(5) check the needle hole
the needle hole is naturally generated during mechanical packaging. The two scratches at the corners on both sides of the bottom of the horizontal packaging box and the scratches on the side of the vertical packaging after opening the seal are the needle hole phenomenon. Fake goods are mostly hand packed without needle eyes. If there are, they are cut with scissors for camouflage
(6) look at the cigarette
the cut of famous cigarette filter is neat and free of stubble. Cigarettes are rolled in uniform thickness, moderate hardness and softness, with clear steel seal, machine number and month, and neat position up and down. The cigarette surface is clean, and there is no smoke at the lap joint. Fake cigarettes are the opposite
(7) look at the nozzle
the nozzle of famous cigarettes is full without air leakage. Fake cigarettes generally have no filter lining paper, and the joint is loose and easy to leak
(8) check cut tobacco
there are few cut tobacco stems of famous cigarettes, and the cut tobacco is oily and glossy after expansion treatment. Fake cut tobacco has obvious cigarette stem, and even mixed with sundries in the cut tobacco. The cut tobacco has no luster and is cyan brown
(9) smell
famous cigarettes have the unique natural fragrance of tobacco. If you smoke too much or use excessive flavors, you can smell it with unpleasant flavor or fragrance. Br> (10) smoking taste
famous tobacco leaves have been fully fermented and processed with scientific formula. When smoking, they have pure flavor, moderate strength, low irritation and comfortable aftertaste. Fake tobacco leaves are generally not fermented. When smoked, they have a spicy throat, obvious miscellaneous taste and bitter aftertaste
(11) ignition effect
famous cigarettes do not automatically extinguish after ignition, and the soot is gray white and not easy to scatter. The fake smoke is easy to extinguish after being ignited, and the ash is mostly gray black. When burning, the ash will explode outward and be easy to scatter.


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