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How to distinguish water-soluble compound fertilizer

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in recent years, the pace of the development of the fertilizer industry has been accelerating. Everyone wants to take a share here. There are many product brands on the market. It is inevitable that some people will cheat farmers and harm farmers to produce inferior fertilizer or fake fertilizer. Today I’ll tell you a few tips to teach you how to recognize the authenticity of water-soluble compound fertilizer

identification method and counterfeiting method of water-soluble compound fertilizer:

1. Look at the identification: the correct identification of compound fertilizer should include trademark, trademark name, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content and composition (sulfur and chlorine), whether nitrate nitrogen, solubility, manufacturer, telephone, imported contract number (available for online inspection), domestic registration certificate number (available for online inspection)


2. Check and dial the phone: for domestic or imported compound fertilizer, there is a free phone number of the manufacturer or import company in the lower corner of the packaging bag. Please try to dial and check the phone number. If the phone number is blocked or there is a connection, there is no answer forever, and some are always busy, indicating that the fertilizer must be fake, and those without a phone number must not buy it. I bought the carbon filled compound fertilizer. At that time, I went to their official website and looked at it again. Then I called 400 and confirmed it again

3. Look at the packaging: the packaging of imported compound fertilizer is generally standardized, with bilateral seams. The appearance of the packaging bag is dirty and black due to long-distance transportation by port, train and bus. The fake fertilizer woven bag is clean, and there are many single side seams at the mouth of the packaging bag

4. Key comparison:

(1) element identification of compound fertilizer: the correct element identification should be nitrogen (n) – phosphorus (P) – potassium (k), and the actual content should be marked below. For example, “n-ca-s is nitrogen, calcium and sulfur”, “n-ca-k is

nitrogen, calcium and potassium”, “n-p-s is nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur”, “n-ca-mg is nitrogen, calcium and magnesium”, “n-nh3-ca is nitrogen, ammonia and calcium” are fake fertilizers that mislead consumers. The standard

domestic Imported compound fertilizers are definitely not marked with “n-ca-k, n-p-fe, n-mg-zn”

(2) according to the origin mark, the imported compound fertilizer is correctly marked with the producing country and Chinese importer. If there is a marked origin of raw materials, Russia (or Canada and other countries) are counterfeit products that mislead consumers. The origin of raw materials is written in a foreign name to make consumers think it is imported compound fertilizer. In fact, the raw potassium is only imported from Russia or Canada

5. Look at the dissolution rate and color: if the domestic or imported compound fertilizer is marked with nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble compound fertilizer, its dissolution rate is fast, otherwise it is slow. If it is not marked with water-soluble compound fertilizer, its dissolution is fast, this product is general

6. Compare products. Because counterfeiters will adopt the method of shoddy as good. First, domestic compound fertilizer will be included in the packaging bag of imported compound fertilizer for re packaging and sales; Second, the self-produced compound fertilizer counterfeits the products of regular manufacturers or imported countries. The best way to identify the above behaviors is to compare several products produced or imported by the same factory and country, and see whether the compound fertilizer particles are uniform, whether the color is consistent, whether the solubility is the same, whether the fertilizer packaging marks are different, etc

7. Ask for an invoice when purchasing compound fertilizer. Keep the packing bag after use and leave a small amount of samples. In case of problems in crop growth, send samples to relevant departments for complaint and inspection in time

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