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How to do packaging design well

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I’ve been doing it for more than a month and I still feel bad. How can I do it well? I specialize in wine box packaging
I shout, mainly designed. What I do with PS is design. I always feel nothing

you should look at those cases more, extend them and try to add your own style
in fact, there are many things that can be used for reference. Advertisements, posters and anything in color can be used for reference.

the software used for design is just a tool, more design ideas and ideas

from my own experience, I can give some advice. To do a good job in packaging design, we can start from the following aspects:
1, the unity of heart and hand. Good ideas should be fully expressed by hand (or hand-painted manuscripts, or computer design)
2. Understand the surroundings. A good package is not only beautiful in design, but also combined with the enterprise’s operation, market planning, cost budget, publicity plan, brand culture, etc. only in this way can this package have vitality and be truly customized


to achieve the above, you can usually do the following:
first, practice downloading the packaging works of various design platforms, or look at the works of mature designers, and let yourself know what good-looking design is first
Second, the accuracy goes to the websites of each design team to download the master’s works, and most of these works are actually selected by Party A, which is relatively more suitable for the market, so as to let yourself know what is a good work suitable for the market
Third, when really contacting the project, think as much as possible to make up for the missing part of relevant information.

silk screen printing or offset printing? I didn’t make it clear. It doesn’t matter what it is made of. What aspect does it refer to?

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