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How to learn packaging design well?

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Our company is a perfume designer. I am a design assistant. I will do some simple drawing software operation. I am also learning the packaging structure myself. I don’t know how to learn. Please ask the experts for details, thank you for details. Thank you.

First: look more and learn from the experience of predecessors

Second: imitate (not plagiarize) the composition and color matching of others


Third: do more, and do some proposition design with the knowledge accumulated at ordinary times (composition and color matching)

Fourth: summary, take out the works designed at ordinary times to see what can be improved and continue to improve

fifth: ask more questions, & nbsp; In fact, it is to communicate more with professionals in different industries and apply the learned knowledge to design

sixth: software, PS, CDR, AI, (graphic design software) & nbsp; Rhino 3DMAX (rendering with three-dimensional software)

in addition, to learn packaging design, you can look at the works of professional design companies

such as the following yuhengyuan packaging design case: PS + CDR + rhino

such as the following zhiweitang tile soup packaging design case: PS + CDR + rhino

packaging design refers to the container structure modeling and packaging beautification and decoration design for packaged goods by selecting appropriate packaging materials and ingenious technological means. It can be seen from the definition that packaging materials, technology and design are the three major factors affecting the quality of packaging design products, and none of them is indispensable. Changsha Renshan packaging Renshan packaging products Co., Ltd. conducts training and assessment for new designers according to the requirements of these three aspects
if you want to learn packaging design and gift packaging well, you must start from these three aspects, be familiar with packaging materials and processes, master design software, and add unique style and creativity. Many people wonder how to make the design novel and attractive? Personally, I think it is a good work to read more classic cases, give full play to my imagination and extend, and integrate the corporate culture and my own style. In addition, we can also learn from advertisements, posters, photography, etc. and observe life more. After time precipitation, we will design excellent works
if you only understand the simple design without considering the actual situation, the result is also unsatisfactory
of course, knowing how to do packaging design is a prerequisite. Whether we can do a good job in packaging design and present perfect works is closely related to materials and technology. There are a wide range of packaging materials on the market. How to choose them? Now most of the materials used in gift packaging are made of paper and wood products. Therefore, as a packaging designer, we must have a thorough understanding of the knowledge of paper and wood products, their advantages, disadvantages, scope of use and effects. Next, we should be familiar with the process. Each gift box will be printed with the process, which can reflect the grade of gift packaging. Technology is very important in the process of packaging design. Without good technology for decoration, the gift box will lose its soul
therefore, doing a good job in gift packaging design is a process of accumulation and continuous proficiency. In the process of actual operation, if you constantly find and summarize, you will have unexpected gains. Hunan Vocational College of Arts and crafts.

go to Baidu app to view

 Dear, packaging design is easy to learn. Majors in universities are not so easy. Just study hard. Recommended books: (domestic) modern packaging design edited by He Jie, Tsinghua University Press 

 (domestic) Xiao duojie, Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House, compiled the carton packaging design guide 

 (Taiwan) packaging design by Wang Bingnan 

 (Taiwan) packaging structure design written by Wang Bingnan 

 (Japan) "product packaging design knowledge that designers must understand" 

 (Japan) textbook of commodity packaging design by Nikkei design 

 (USA) George L. huaiben and the complete book of packaging structure design 

 pro, if my answer is helpful to you, you can give me a praise. If you have any questions, you can continue to ask me questions. I wish you a happy life! Thank you ~ 


 is there a systematic learning path for packaging design 


 1 First learn the introduction to packaging - understand the development of packaging and the classification of packaging containers 

2. Learning packaging materials - Mastering the characteristics and application scope of various packaging materials 

3. Learn packaging structure design - master the basic structure drawing method of various packaging types 

4. Learn printing knowledge - understand all kinds of printing methods and post press processing technology 

5. Learn drawing software: aotucad, artioscad, PS, AI,, keyshot 


 do you need a hand drawn foundation 


 requires a certain painting foundation 

14 more

first of all, you should like and invest in yourself. Feel it. To be a good spokesperson, we should have enough confidence and self-confidence. You should pack it yourself first. You should have taste in life, and the product packaging will be more powerful. Good luck.

is CDR typesetting easy to use? The professional typesetting software in China is Feiteng anyway, and the professional typesetting software in foreign countries is id…. If you want to learn well, you should read more books and learn more. Experience is very important
please accept if you are satisfied.

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