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How to learn packaging design?

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the individuality of packaging color is reflected in the following aspects:

merchantability: This is the biggest difference from general painting color. All kinds of commodities have certain common attributes. There are great attribute differences between medical supplies and entertainment supplies, food and hardware supplies, cosmetics and cultural and educational supplies. The same kind of products can also be subdivided. For example, pharmaceutical products are different from traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, therapeutic medicine, tonic medicine and general medicine. In this regard, color processing should be treated specifically, give full play to the sensory elements of color (Physics, physiology and Psychology), and strive to express typical personality. For example, blue and green represent the packaging color of anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and sedative drugs; Red and Brown are used to indicate the packaging color of tonic drugs

Advertising: due to the abundance of product varieties and the increasingly fierce market competition, the visual performance of sales packaging is becoming more and more important in advertising, of course, color processing is an important aspect. The obscurity and implication of color effect have only negative effects, so we must pay attention to the freshness of large color composition. For example, “Fuji” film, the contrast between large pieces of white and green and the distinct visual recognition treatment of white background and red make the small film box still have good advertising effect, and the white light sense maintains the attribute idea of the product. Another example: the packaging image of Coca Cola has become an international language. The bright red and white colors have a strong advertising effect and show the performance of the product at the same time



① special color: some colors in packaging design should be matched according to their attributes, but in this way, the picture color is ordinary. Designers often do the opposite and use unconventional colors to make the packaging of their products stand out from similar commodities. The treatment of this color makes our vision particularly sensitive and impressed

② popular color: popular color is a color in line with the fashion of the times, which is fashionable and fashionable. It is the information of commodity designers and the signal of international trade communication

when a certain color tends to be generalized, people feel that they lack new stimulation and charm, and need a different visual feature, which is imitated and popular. The application of popular colors in modern packaging design does bring more and more economic benefits to products. The majority of visionary entrepreneurs attach great importance to the role of colors. The fashion colors released by the international fashion color association every year are put forward according to the characteristics of the times such as the international situation, market and economy. The purpose is to give people a balance in mind and atmosphere, so as to create a harmonious and soft environment

in addition, some countries or regions have certain taboos on color. For example, dark green is taboo in France, which will make people think of Nazi military uniforms and disgust; People in desert areas are used to seeing the dark sky and the long yellow sand. They are used to yellow. They can only encounter oases, water, food and human society after a difficult journey, so they especially cherish green; The minaret of Islamic teaching and the flag of the Arab nation are decorated and symbolized with their cherished green, and yellow is forbidden. Therefore, we should understand the preferences and taboos of countries and regions for color, especially the color treatment on the packaging of import and export commodities. We should pay attention to the national conditions, so as to improve the competitiveness of products in the international market

first of all, you have to know the software, at least Photoshop, & nbsp; Coreldrw has to know one of the two software. Go to watch a video and make a forum on the Internet. You can search a lot of tutorials on the Internet. It is basically enough to learn for a few weeks. You may not dare to be proficient for a few years. Fewer people are proficient. It’s good as long as you have enough in your work field. Graphic design is also divided into many directions. If you want to do web page, you must be able to do flash in animation. There is no need to talk about the software here. Knowing software is like a person can write, but to become a writer, knowing how to write is only the basis. I have met many friends (mainly I’ve been at the bottom). You talk to him about the proficiency and skills of designing software. I wonder who has higher income than working hours. Software can only be regarded as migrant workers in the art industry! Next, you can formally learn something convenient for design. Advanced understanding of layout design is a good entry-level book. The principle of layout design is also good. The design book written for you is very good. After reading the above books, you basically have a general concept. That’s how the original design is done. Next, you can see the principle of color matching design, At this meeting, you can basically learn the design skills, but it doesn’t mean that you are a designer. There are too many things you need to learn and accumulate. You should form a good study habit every day, save the pictures you like, and those on the street can take pictures with their mobile phones and come back to ponder them slowly

artioscad /AutoCAD for structural design, I prefer artioscad because it is a special CAD software for packaging (mainly because I can’t use AutoCAD…); PS /AI does graphic design, and AI can convert the path made by artioscad into 3D (only for cylinder.. about..), Select the material type of each part and add labels/Artioscad is generally used to look at three-dimensional effects (it seems that you can only look at cylindrical bottles. Anyway, I’ve only seen 3D bottles with it, but the effect is very good. You can adjust the transparency, color, material, etc. of the bottle). The plane made by AI can be imported into artioscad and, and combined with the completed structure to see the 3D effect. Among them, labels made by AI can be imported. Artioscad focuses more on the overall graphic design of cartons and cartons

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