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How to rationalize packaging

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do you want to ask what kind of packaging is suitable or how to pack more in the box? Generally, the packaging should judge whether to use wooden cases or cartons according to the actual situation of the goods. If you want to pack the most, you might as well download a packing master software to calculate it

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 I'm glad to answer your question. The so-called packaging rationalization refers to the comprehensive packaging management activities that use appropriate materials and appropriate technologies in the packaging process to make containers suitable for goods, save packaging costs and reduce packaging costs, not only meet the requirements of packaging to protect goods, facilitate storage and transportation and facilitate sales, but also improve the economic benefits of packaging

 (6) conducive to environmental protection. Packaging is a link that produces a large amount of waste, and poor treatment may cause environmental pollution. It is best to recycle packaging materials for many times; In the selection of packaging materials, we should also consider that it will not affect human health and cause no pollution to the environment, that is, the so-called "green packaging"

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