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How to sell sealing tape or packaging tape?

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I’m engaged in the business of sealing tape in Jiangxi. I don’t know what kind of customers will have greater demand?

the profit of large quantity is not necessarily high. The profit of small batch printing is very high. Shenyang has 150 yuan to open the edition in ten volumes, and the finished tape printing machine can be used. It’s better to do this

small businesses use more. I used to work in a small factory for several days, and I use a lot of sealing glue and packing belt every month. If it is a large enterprise, it is necessary to consider marking other people’s trademarks on it!

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 first of all, we need to analyze the few varieties of our products. Secondly, we need to understand your customer group, that is, what kind of factory or enterprise can your products. Finally, we need to understand our own advantages and characteristics, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of our competitors. After understanding these, we will talk about how to find customers

 I told him that your initial scale is a little small. You can directly face the end users and the wholesale retailers in the region. When the scale is large, you can find larger customers in the main wholesale markets 

 fifth, the market prospect and profit margin of the product, no matter how much your product price is, it is not a problem. In addition, if you have a relatively small list, you can introduce the list to customers. These are my experience in marketing and can only provide you with reference. Everyone has different marketing methods. You have to try it yourself to know 

 v. through social tools, add and build groups, publish updated products in real time and indicate your contact information, and customers in need will contact you

 do you have any other questions? The order ends automatically after 24 hours. If my answer is helpful to you, I look forward to your praise

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all factories should be useful. It’s just a matter of more and less.

I also want to know!

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