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How to use the wire rope tensioner

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The simplest

hang one end on the fixed object and tie the other end to the steel wire rope. Just turn the bolt

usage: hang one end on the fixed object and fasten the other end on the steel wire rope. Turn the bolt

installation method:
one end is hung on a fixed object and the other end is tied to a steel wire rope. Just turn the bolt.
purpose: it is widely used in forestry, mining, engineering binding, wire tightening and object traction in power and telecommunications departments, especially in places with limited local space
features: light weight, small volume, compact structure, reasonable linkage system, small hand pulling force, reduce the wear of steel wire and improve the performance of the whole machine. The operation is simpler and more convenient.


(horizon network) hook type:
Step 1: two hooks are respectively hooked on the base, and the webbing needs to be fixed
Step 2: open the hardware of the tensioner, and the webbing passes through the middle, and then back through the middle rotating shaft
Step 3: pre tighten the webbing
Step 4: swing the handle back and forth to tighten the webbing and fix it
Step 5: the following steps are the method to loosen the tensioner. Hold the safety piece of the handle, open the tensioner hardware to the maximum, and the rotating shaft will loosen automatically
Step 6: pull out the webbing and loosen the tensioner
no hook type:
use the tensioner webbing to wrap the base and the product to be fixed. The following steps are the same as the hook type.

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