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How to write the planning book on environmental protection (white pollution)?

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white pollution investigation report

because most urban waste treatment in China is not sanitary landfill or incineration to recover heat energy, but waste is moved and transported from the city to the suburbs for open stacking or shallow burial. In case of strong wind, plastic waste with light weight and large volume, especially ultra-thin plastic bags, will flow around with the wind and fly all over the sky (jokingly known as “film fluttering”) or hang on branches or electric poles, It is vividly compared to the “ten thousand national flags” on the line pole, or spread to rivers, lakes, drainage and irrigation ditches with the running water, which is commonly referred to as white pollution
white pollution mainly refers to the visual pollution and potential harm caused by pollutants to the environment
visual pollution refers to the damage of discarded plastic bags scattered in the environment to the city appearance and landscape, such as various food packaging bags scattered in the natural environment, on both sides of railways, rivers and lakes, or ultra-thin plastic bags flying all over the sky or hanging branches. These bring adverse stimulation to people’s vision, which is called visual pollution
according to the statistics of relevant departments, there were nearly 4 million tons of domestic packaging plastics in 1998 (including self-supporting ones), of which 30% of the disposable packaging materials that are difficult to recycle will produce about 1.2 million tons of plastic packaging waste every year; The output of plastic mulching film is more than 400000 tons. Because its waste is mixed with a large amount of sand and soil, it is difficult to recycle. Usually, farmers fish them to the ground and burn them, and the recycling amount is very small; Disposable plastic daily necessities and medical and health supplies are about 400000 tons. Combined with the above, the annual output of plastic waste is more than 2 million tons
in recent ten years, with the rapid development of commodity economy, transportation and tourism, the increase of the number and scale of cities, the generation of urban domestic waste has increased significantly. Plastic waste in the composition of municipal solid waste is also increasing rapidly. About 3-10% by weight and 20-30% by volume
by 2000, the pollution caused by waste plastics will be about 50 million tons. The cumulative pollution in the next 10 years will reach 35 million ~ 40 million tons, which is an amazing figure. In recent years, the economic losses caused by environmental pollution and ecological damage in China are as high as 200 billion yuan per year, including 100 billion yuan of ecological damage. According to the sampling survey of Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, there are 1.8 ~ 2.5 billion plastic bags, one per capita per day; Agricultural film covers an area of 6.75 million square meters and hundreds of millions of beverage bottles every year. The total weight of these varieties is 50000 ~ 60000 tons throughout the year, which is 7% ~ 10% of the total weight of municipal solid waste (garbage)
in order to protect our home, we should reduce the number of plastic bags in the future

hope to adopt~

“white pollution” refers to the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic bags, plastic films and other packaging materials and products. “White pollution” has great impact and harm: it can visual pollution and potential harm. It will bring bad stimulation to people’s vision and affect the beauty of the environment. In order to reduce “white pollution”, degradable materials can be used. Classified recycling. Change the understanding of businesses and people. Government propaganda. No plastic bags, more cloth bags, no disposable lunch boxes. This will prevent “white pollution”.


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