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I want to be a carton factory. What’s the profit

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I mainly focus on the line factory, garment factory, solar tube factory, how much profit, what machines need, how much money to invest
how much money does it need to pay in a day to make a steady profit

the machine is almost equipped with supporting facilities, which is about 100000. The rent of the site depends on the local situation. The profit of packaging is basically 20%. The quotation of such a large carton should be higher, which can reach 30%. The output value of 50000 per month can be achieved. After all expenses are eliminated, there is also a profit of 5000-10000 per month

speaking of carton factory! I’ve been making cartons for ten years! If the cost is not high, you can set up a factory with 300000 yuan! The most important thing is to have business! A monthly turnover of 100000 can only be flat!

Hello, the solar tube carton is big, and the machine should be bigger. Need printing slotting machine, nail box machine and other equipment. With an investment of about 150000, more than 1000 can be done a day


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 the cost of a carton factory, excluding the cost of purchasing machines, as a basic fund, needs at least 30000-50000 yuan. You can check the price of the machine online or by telephone. There are many auxiliary material factories that have closed down recently, so the price of second-hand machines should be very cheap. The process of working again must be understood. The calculated receipt price is also very important. At present, the price of cartons ordered by me is as follows: you can refer to it. 1. According to the square calculation, the average cost is 2.9 yuan /3.1 yuan /3.15 yuan... A carton of 0.04 volume is about 5-6 yuan. It can be said that its cost is considerable. Generally, the current price is booked according to the size. Now the price is double Watt, but it can be changed according to the customer's requirements, and the basic price will not be affected. However, to make cartons, you need to buy cartons first, and then foam tanks to synthesize the size required by customers according to the size. Reprint! So for a simple carton, although there are not many processes, the taste of its workshop is not very good... But the profit is still very good. The most important thing is the source of tourists. First of all, it's best to find some related customers - because it should ensure that your goods can be paid in time. Now all industries are in a downward situation. What we are doing now belongs to cash on hand. We'd rather have a favorable price than guarantee cash on delivery. Most of the auxiliary material factories have not fulfilled the payment items due to making orders for large factories. At the same time that the large factory has closed down and declared bankruptcy, the payment for auxiliary materials factory will never be cashed. Therefore, it is announced to break the sales volume of 

one w a day! A profit of 20% is a sure bet!

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