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Home Logistics News I would like to ask, what is the production process of gift box???

I would like to ask, what is the production process of gift box???

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manual gift packaging boxes can be roughly divided into: Book type box (also known as bag type box), heaven and earth cover box (also known as upper and lower buckle box) and special-shaped box
production process of book type gift box (wrapped gift box):
1 Determine the design draft 2 Confirm the sample and place an order for production 3 Dispatch production materials (face paper, enclosure, inner sticker, bottom paper, paperboard or density board, inner support materials, etc.) 4 Printing wrapping paper and inner sticker (Handbag needs to be printed if there is supporting handbag) 5 Post process production (film coating, embossing, UV, bronzing, embossing, die cutting and other processes shall be selected as required) 6 Box cutting: A. wrapping paper, printed face paper, inner sticker, gray paperboard material panel, coaming and inner support are cut to the established size by paper cutter (the density board needs to be cut by professional large saw) B. panel processing: V-slot machine to cut V-slot and stick iron sheet C. coaming processing: punch to drill magnetic iron hole D. inner support processing: the inner support is gray board, which needs to be die-cut and then stick the cut silk cloth, For the foam, the cutlery should be placed on the formed foam 7.. At the same time, the magnet should be pasted on the inner side (and the sticker should be scraped on the inner side), and the sticker should be placed on the inner side (at the same time). 8. Box assembly (glue application method can be selected according to material requirements: Brush raw glue on the enclosure and glue on the glue gun for assembly. Pay attention to keep the box clean during assembly to avoid glue leakage affecting the appearance.) 9. Paste backing paper as required. (pay attention to keep the box clean) 10 Put the inner support (the upper and lower asymmetric inner supports shall be placed in different directions) 11 Wipe the box and pack it (the box making process takes a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be floating soil and stains, so we need to wipe the box to finish)
production process of heaven and earth cover box (upper and lower cover box):
the difference between the production of heaven and earth cover box and book box is that the panel of the bag box is divided into the front face, upper face, rear face and lower bottom of the box by V slot, and the box is formed when the panel wraps the enclosure, so it is called bag box
for the heaven and earth cover box, the upper cover and the lower bottom are separated (except for the conjoined upper and lower covers). There are some differences in the manufacturing method: 1 For the upper and lower cover boxes of density board materials, the upper cover and lower bottom shall be fixed and dried with white emulsion respectively. (the upper and lower cover boxes of gray paperboard can be opened with “well” V-groove, and fixed directly with adhesive tape after removing the four corners) 2 Mount the processed face paper on the upper cover and lower bottom. 3. The upper cover and the lower bottom are buckled and assembled (the conjoined upper and lower cover box needs to be formed after connecting the upper and lower covers with a connecting plate). 4. Put the inner bracket, wipe the box and pack it
production process of special-shaped box: the special-shaped box should be determined according to the specific box. Most of the special-shaped boxes are the extension of heaven and earth cover box and bag box, and the production process is similar. (multi angle box, heart-shaped box, round box, cone-shaped box, drawer box, multi-layer sleeve box, etc.)

Hello, I’m glad to answer for you:

gift box making – Guanlin


gift box making process is divided into several parts, The following

box punching card

surround strip box surround strip card positioning

sand wrapped top sponge card positioning

inner lining paste ribbon

back paste card

paste box inner bottom paste


Paste positioning sponge

if you don’t understand, you can directly ask Guanlin packaging , and someone will answer patiently for you

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