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Industrial and commercial registration information query

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Where can I find the industrial and commercial registration information of a company?

on your own Baidu “Zhengzhou Administration for Industry and commerce” or the official website of Henan Administration for Industry and commerce,
then you can query the information of any enterprise or individual registered and established in Zhengzhou through company registration number, name and other conditions

long winded, even if you have a business license, it doesn’t mean that the company can be completely trusted. Especially when it comes to money, you must be careful. In addition, the company’s actual capital may not be as much as the registered capital, because there may be illegal acts such as advance (false capital contribution) when handling the business license. Especially those whose registered address is in a room or residential area in a certain place, we should pay special attention. It may be a leather bag company

you must go to the window of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce or the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce in person. Otherwise there will be a lot of false information!


official website competition of the Administration for Industry and commerce. Enter the address of the enterprise you want to query on Baidu + Administration for Industry and commerce can find the official website for query.

Zhengzhou Xinghuo Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

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