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Information on protecting green homes

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heaven, earth and man

the relationship between heaven, earth and man is the relationship between man and nature. The relationship between man and nature is a hot topic today. The relationship between man and nature is a large, extensive and deep topic. In order to reveal their relationship concisely, we can only rely on the theory of ecosystem and ecological balance developed in recent decades…

ecosystem and ecological balance were widely spread from the 1970s, and the speed of dissemination and acceptance was amazing. The attractive “ecological balance” is studied by scholars, publicized by officials and shouted by actors. The reason why ecological balance is attractive is that people hope that the stable state of the ecosystem is beautiful. Although people think it is a little abstract and unpredictable, it is kind and concrete. Be familiar with the ecological balance and understand the ecosystem. But since it was proposed by western scholars, there are more than ten definitions of ecosystem, some hundreds of words, some dozens of words, but there is no recognized and unified written expression. Taking its common essence, ecosystem is the specific combination of life system and inorganic environmental system. Life refers to all life groups of plants, animals and microorganisms, including human beings; Inorganic environment refers to the inanimate components of nature; Specific combination refers to the diverse biological groups created in different regions – that is, different ecosystems. Various biological groups on land form their own ecosystems, which are collectively called terrestrial ecosystems; Similarly, marine biological groups form marine ecosystems. Marine ecosystem and terrestrial ecosystem constitute the whole life world – biosphere. The biosphere is generally 100 meters above the land and 100 meters below the water. This is man’s home. Therefore, people have long known that they worship heaven and earth, know that people regard food as their heaven, seek good weather and prosperity, and people depend on and belong to nature

Where is man in the biosphere? For whom does the inorganic environment of heaven and earth work? For grassland, forest and crops – green world. Who do all kinds of animals depend on to survive? Both directly and indirectly depend on green plants. What do wanzun people live on? In terms of eating, take animals or plants, or both; To drink, take the water from heaven and earth; The oxygen necessary for life comes from the atmosphere. The life elements that are indispensable for food, water and Qi come from the inorganic world of heaven and earth. Ecologists divide the life in the ecosystem into three categories and give them fair names: (1) plant producer; (2) Animals – consumers; (3) Microorganism – decomposer. Who is the best at comparing the three life groups? It is undoubtedly a producer, because it feeds itself and the latter two. Where are the people? Among animals. According to the order of ecological food chain: herbivores first, followed by primary carnivores; Secondary predators… Where do people rank? People are multi food “senior” (most dependent) consumers who eat both grass (grain) and meat. Therefore, ecologists have long concluded that without plants, there would be no animals and no humans


noble people should not be unconvinced. This does not deny that people have dexterous hands and developed brains, but that human existence depends on other organisms and environments in the ecosystem, which requires people to respect nature and act according to the laws of nature

history has proved that the blind arrogance of mankind has destroyed the ecological balance and repeatedly caused ecological disasters that destroy mankind itself. There are three kinds of incentives to destroy the ecological balance: first, destroy the environment: because the environment is one of the components of the ecosystem, its change will affect the stability of the ecosystem. There are many examples of destroying the environment and breaking the balance of ecological environment, such as the formation of lake and marsh eutrophication; Mercury poisoning in Japan; Fluoride destroys the ozone layer; The ecological environment of Aswan Dam has deteriorated; The adverse effects of “BHC” and “DDT” after application; “Wet chamber effect” of the earth, etc. 2、 Destruction of vegetation. Vegetation with forests as the main body is the lever of terrestrial ecological balance. The most ecological disasters on earth are caused by the destruction of vegetation, such as the black storm in the west of the United States in 1934, which destroyed more than 45 million mu of cultivated land; In 1963, a great storm occurred in the agricultural reclamation area of the former Soviet Union, destroying more than 300 million mu of farmland; Similarly, due to the destruction of forests, the ancient Babylonian civilization perished; The thar plain between India and Pakistan has been reduced to desert due to forest destruction, with a desert area of 650000 square kilometers; The deterioration of ecological conditions in China’s Yellow River Basin stems from the destruction of forest vegetation in the upper reaches. Today, the Yangtze River will become the second yellow river; The main reason for the deterioration of ecological conditions in northeast forest areas is the unreasonable and excessive cutting of forests in southwest and northeast forest areas. 3、 Destroying the food chain: examples of destroying the food chain and breaking the ecological balance, such as forest diseases and insect pests caused by excessive killing of natural enemies of pests; India once hunted a large number of otters, resulting in an increase in sick fish and a decline in fish production; In Australia, where animal husbandry is developed, the case of dung beetle rescue caused by the disaster of cow dung covering grassland is more fresh. Of course, in the biosphere, several incentives often coexist

China is a country prone to ecological disasters. The earliest and deepest ecological disasters China feels are soil erosion, land desertification, climate deterioration, flooding, siltation of reservoirs and dams, etc. In recent years, China’s water pollution has increased: the mesh is smaller, and there are fewer fish and shrimp. Scientists predict that “ecological crisis will become the biggest crisis facing mankind in the 21st century.” This tells people that with the development of industrialization and the increase of population pressure, human beings must learn to live in harmony with nature.

there is only one earth
the earth is the mother of mankind and the cradle of life
according to the astronauts who were lucky enough to fly into space, the earth they saw in space is a beautiful, crystal clear and the only living planet, surrounded by a thin layer of water blue gauze. The earth has always made selfless contributions to mankind, but due to human beings’ ignorance of treasure, uncontrolled exploitation and random destruction, it not only makes the earth’s natural resources less and less, but also causes a series of ecological disasters and poses a threat to human survival. For example, in July 1995, an incident occurred in China: several factories excessively discharged sewage and smoke into the sea and atmosphere, resulting in a large decline in acid rain and damage to large areas of forests and crops. This not only pollutes the environment, but also causes serious losses to natural resources
our earth is so lovely and vulnerable at the same time. Students, scientists have long proved that there is no second planet suitable for human habitation within 40 trillion kilometers around the earth. Human beings cannot expect to move to other planets after destroying the earth
there is only one earth. Citizens of the earth, wake up! Starting from protecting every plant, mountain and water around us, let’s take action to protect our big home – the earth
this lesson introduces the relevant knowledge of the earth from the pe
rspective of human survival, and expounds the truth that human survival “has only one earth”. The significance of protecting the global ecological environment is explained. The text explains that the earth is facing the threat of resource depletion from the aspects of the small size of the earth in the universe, the small scope of human activities, the limited and uncontrolled exploitation or random destruction of the natural resources owned by the earth, and then proves with the results of scientific research that when the earth’s resources are exhausted, there is no second planet for human habitation. Finally, it comes to the conclusion that there is only one choice for human beings, that is, to carefully protect the earth, Protect the earth’s ecological environment

Taiwan, Formosa, the beautiful treasure island, the land under our feet has beautiful forest scenery, and many active lives have flourished here; In addition to the complete ecological system, many geographical landscapes are natural and amazing. However, many natural landscapes no longer exist. The reason should not only be attributed to the aggression of foreign colonists in previous dynasties, but also to the lack of ecological awareness and neglect of people living on this land. Big trees fell down and made paper and high-grade furniture. People also beat down birds to enjoy their appetite, destroying the beautiful coast and coral reef rocks; Every time I read these words and sentences in the book, I feel anxious, followed by a lot of regret and depression. Some people have wondered about the importance of environmental protection, but I think that after millions of years of brewing and evolution, this land that breeds everything is common to all things. No matter what action we want to take, we should respect it and consider it carefully; Indeed, we have only one earth and we have only one Taiwan
with the rapid development of the world economy and the rise of industrial parks, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Environmental protection has become the focus of attention. “We have only one earth, please protect our home for survival”. We stand at this height of understanding, and the teachers and students of the whole school take positive action. The wind of “starting from me, loving my home and protecting the earth” is rising in the campus
when mother earth bid farewell to the 20th century with the heavy burden and trauma of ecology, have we ever thought:
what kind of disaster has been caused to her due to human excessive consumption of resources and environmental pollution
what kind of unshirkable responsibility does each of us bear in such a disaster
when fragile ecology is difficult to maintain, how will human consumption continue
when the earth suffers from a terminal disease, how long can humans survive
my favorite rivers and skies… Where have they gone? Is this the earth we live on now? Wake up, everyone. Don’t destroy your home for petty profits, and don’t make Mother Earth sad for prosperity
Mother Earth, don’t cry. Let’s dry your tears and dress up for you. When you smile, we smile most brightly.

save electricity, protect resources and reduce pollution& nbsp;

electricity is exposed to every primary school student every day, and it is also inseparable from our daily study and life, but now the consumption is amazing. Therefore, every move when using electricity should start from saving& nbsp;

in China, power generation mainly depends on coal, while coal on earth is limited. At the current consumption rate, the world’s coal will be consumed in 250 years. After that, we will leave no coal to our future generations& nbsp;

saving electricity means saving coal and directly contributing to reducing air pollution. Because acid rain is formed by coal combustion, it can strongly corrode buildings, acidify soil and water quality, reduce grain production and kill grass, trees, fish and shrimp. According to calculation, the economic losses caused by acid rain in southwest and South China alone amount to 14 billion yuan per year& nbsp;

saving electricity can slow down the global warming. Due to the large amount of carbon dioxide emitted by coal combustion, it blocks the heat from the ground to the sky like a cover, resulting in the greenhouse effect. If the earth’s temperature rises, it will cause drought or flood and melt icebergs. If all the icebergs on the earth melt, the lower altitude countries and islands will disappear& nbsp;

living today, we are sure to enter the next century. Many of them are vulnerable to global warming. 192 schools in Germany

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