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Introduction of green packaging materials

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green packaging materials are packaging materials that are harmless to human health, good protection for the ecological environment and recycled in our production, manufacturing, use and recycling. To widely adopt green packaging and develop green packaging, people need to choose packaging materials correctly. Therefore, green packaging is essentially the greening of packaging materials. The so-called green packaging material refers to the materials or material products that can save resources and energy in the process of production, use, scrapping, recycling and reuse, can degrade or reuse rapidly and naturally after abandonment, will not damage the ecological balance, and have a wide range of sources, low energy consumption, easy recycling and high recycling rate. At present, the common green packaging materials include degradable plastics and natural biomolecular materials. Now the new green packaging materials (degradable materials) vigorously researched and developed all over the world are put forward for the “white pollution” which is difficult to deal with. Therefore, green packaging materials can be roughly divided into three categories according to the requirements of environmental protection and the attribution of materials after use: first, recyclable materials. Including paper, paperboard materials, molded pulp materials, metal materials, glass materials, common linear polymer materials (plastics, fibers), as well as degradable polymer materials. Second, materials that can be naturally weathered and return to nature

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