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Is the food factory assembly line packing tired?

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the food factory assembly line packaging is very tired

assembly line, also known as assembly line, is an industrial production mode, which means that each production unit only focuses on dealing with a certain segment, so as to improve work efficiency and output

The assembly line and belt assembly line can be divided into assembly line and belt assembly line. It is generally composed of traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tensioning devices, steering devices and supports


the assembly line has high scalability, and the conveying capacity, conveying speed and assembly station can be designed according to the demand, Auxiliary components (including quick connector, fan, electric lamp, socket, process Kanban, storage desk, 24V power supply, air batch, etc.) are widely welcomed by enterprises.

assembly line is an effective combination of people and machines, which best reflects the flexibility of equipment. It organically combines conveying system, accompanying fixture, online special machine and testing equipment to meet the conveying requirements of multiple products. The transmission mode of conveying line is synchronous transmission (forced type) or asynchronous transmission (flexible type). According to the selection of configuration, the requirements of assembly and transportation can be realized. The conveyor line is indispensable in the mass production of enterprises

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