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Please come in to learn some questions about packaging design

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which school do you study in? I have graduated and am engaged in packaging machinery design. According to my personal experience, of course, I belong to the mechanical direction, just for your thinking
packaging design – as engineering students, we will not do what most people think of as “packaging design”. Most people think that “packaging design” is the design of cartons, cans, aluminum cans, glass bottles and other things. They think that as long as it is well designed, reasonable structure, convenient processing and simple combination. In fact, if you really make a living, you will be poor in most cases. Because there is no technical content and no technical core. In particular, engineering students should not think that packaging design is artistic design. Don’t waste time learning software such as PS, 3DMAX, CDR or AI. It’s useless. Of course, if you have enough time and nothing to do, it’s not impossible to learn as an interest and pass the time! So, who will do this kind of “packaging design”, those who study design, industrial design, graphic design… Art design people will do it. Packaging design is only a small part of their specialty
then, what can engineering students do in the packaging industry. This… Can be used for all things related to the packaging direction of the project, such as labels – what packages are used, what materials are suitable, what printing method is used, what ink is used, whether it is pasted or ordered, the method of taking the mark, how to complete the labeling,…
this leads to what knowledge to learn – material power, theoretical power, Electrical and electronic (analog electrical and digital electrical), engineering drawing, microcomputer principle (single chip microcomputer), packaging materials, transportation packaging, basis of mechanical design, printing – you know, the two most dynamic packaging machinery and packaging materials in packaging engineering, most packaging people have good mechanical skills. Therefore, we must learn the basic courses of engineering specialty well. As for the professional courses of packaging, in fact, most of them are gradually learned after graduation in the packaging industry, which is not as important as the basic courses.

you have finished all your studies ~ you still need to ask others!!!!!

look at the automobile logistics and packaging network

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