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Prospect and development of gift box online sales

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at present, China’s gift box industry has a wide range of products. Here we focus on the development of gift box packaging: by the end of 2009, China has achieved GDP growth of more than 10% for five consecutive years, and domestic consumption has increased rapidly, which has greatly stimulated the development of the market. We are in the fast lane of economic operation. Under this big market background, It provides unprecedented opportunities for the rapid development of the gift box industry

as we all know, China is a group of etiquette, which pays great attention to face. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “do not go to indecent manners”. People in China must prepare some gifts for new year’s festivals and visiting relatives and friends. From dim sum and wheat milk essence in the early 1980s to fashion, watches, computers, mobile phones and so on, there are more and more kinds of gifts and higher grades, Relatively speaking, there are also high requirements for the outer packaging of goods, not only looking at high-grade and generous; But also have taste and cultural atmosphere. Strong market demand factors provide necessary hardware conditions for the development of gift box industry
gift boxes have a large market space and a wide variety, such as “moon cake box”, “tea box”, “wine box”, “shirt box”, “underwear box”, “tie box”, “shoe box”, “mobile phone box”, “audio-visual box”, “hardcover cigarette box” and other fields, such as cosmetics industry, jewelry industry, cigarette industry, medical and health products At present, gift boxes such as mobile phone industry mainly use folding cartons, cartons, PVC, MDF and other raw materials. At present, paperboard materials are the best. According to the requirements of current national policy guidance, energy conservation and environmental protection and the development of energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises are important tasks for a long time in the future. Because paperboard materials have the requirements of environmental protection, recycling and reuse, Therefore, it will become one of the main materials for gift box packaging in the future
at present, there have been endless patterns of gift boxes in the market, and the style design continues to innovate. The various forms of gift boxes not only meet the requirements of improving product quality, but also meet the needs of consumers, but also greatly improve the added value of products. However, looking at the domestic gift box manufacturers, 90% of the gift boxes are made by hand, Most of the gift box enterprises are still in the labor-intensive mode of relying mainly on manual production. Most of the enterprises are small-scale, low degree of industrialization, unstable product quality and other conditions. The enterprises are facing or will face new problems. There are also a series of factors such as high employment costs, increasing rents and expenses, which affect the development of the gift box production enterprises
it is certain that the current gift box manufacturing enterprises are still in the stage of manual production mode, and can not really form the mode of packaging industrialization, which is undoubtedly more difficult for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Learn from the experience of foreign developed industrial countries and take the path of industrialization Industrialization is the only way for the future development of the whole industry. At present, some domestic machinery enterprises have gradually introduced semi-automatic and full-automatic machinery and equipment suitable for gift box enterprises, which can basically replace manual box making in whole or in part, and the production speed can reach an efficiency of more than 5 times, This is undoubtedly a great benefit for gift box enterprises. Adhering to the replacement of pure manual production with machinery and equipment, improving product production efficiency, reducing labor costs and expanding the scale of enterprises is the only way for the development of gift box enterprises
Chinese enterprises have begun to fully participate in the development of the world economy. Gift box packaging is only an epitome of the whole packaging industry. Although China’s whole packaging industry has developed rapidly and has become a major packaging country in the world, we should also be soberly aware that we have few advantages and there is still a big gap with foreign powerful packaging enterprises, Especially in the internal management and automatic production of the enterprise, so our packaging box enterprise is still very young. In terms of the development of the whole industry, the future is full of hope. Similarly, the future of packaging enterprises has a long way to go.

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