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Question: what equipment and technical force are needed for paper bag printing

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first of all, it depends on what type of paper bag you want to print and what market you are targeting
1. For various specifications of business printing, the number ranges from hundreds to 200000, mainly offset printing (or no printing), and bag making is done by printed flat paper:
1) for wide format offset printing machine, about 400000 beiren alcohol 08 machine can be selected for monochrome machine, and about 700000 alcohol 05 machine can be selected for two colors, 4. Heidelberg CD102 machine can be selected as the color printing machine, which is about 9 million yuan. The four opening printing machine is not suitable for bag making, because the paper required for paper bags is relatively wide and cannot be printed after four starts. If two pieces of paper are used to form a bag, the efficiency will be reduced and there is no way to go to the automatic bag making machine. If the money is insufficient, the printing part can also be outsourced to a powerful printing factory, so that the equipment investment will not be occupied, When the work is stable, I’m buying equipment
2) die cutting and creasing. If manual bag making or some machine-made bags need creasing to help make bags, the machine is about 50000
3) bag making method: A. manual bag making. When the site and local manpower are not very expensive, manual workers can be employed to make bags. Generally, each person can make about 200 ~ 600 paper bags per day
b automatic bag making: there are special flat paper automatic bag making machines, including Japanese machines and American machines. There are also domestic machines. It is not recommended to buy machines for bag making, because the machines are mainly suitable for large orders of a single variety. To put it mildly, the two machines can do the work of the whole China in 24 hours! A good machine can make 8000 bags an hour. Less than 50000 bags are not worth using. The coated paper can’t be used. There’s no way to complete the missing parts such as punching and threading! Reference: there are Japanese machines, bag King (about 3 ~ 4 million, domestic assembly), newdragon (about 200 ~ 300), Gong waist (I don’t know), and Weiba brand (about 500 ~ 600) in the United States. Domestic machines can be completely regarded as scrap iron. No doubt, you can lose your family if you give you one for nothing

2. For large-scale packaging orders, the quantity is more than 100000 to up to one million bags, mainly flexographic printing and web printing
1) use the laminated flexographic printing machine with wide format. The format of about 1m is about 1.8 million made in Germany and the United States, and about 200000 made in China. You can buy domestic ones in the early stage. The flexographic machine has simple structure, but the efficiency of domestic machines is relatively lower than that of imported machines, and the printing effect is not much worse
2) automatic bag making machines using web paper include machines made in Germany, the United States, France, Japan and China. It is recommended to buy wh machines from Germany or Weiba machines from the United States, with prices ranging from 400 to 1000. If you buy their machines, you can connect them with their printing machines to print bags at one time.

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