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Remember the “poisonous plants” from Brazil? After arriving in China, it becomes a hot commodity. What’s the current situation?

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nowadays, in our life, there are very rich animals and plants, vegetables, meat and fruits, but many people don’t know that many of them don’t belong to China and are passed down from abroad. I don’t know if you still remember the “poisonous plants” from Brazil, which became popular in China. What’s the current situation


this plant is cassava. Cassava is a whole poisonous plant. Many wild animals will not eat it, and local people in Brazil will not touch them. But it can be seen in many parts of our country. This is because although these plants are poisonous, they have very rich starch on them. After being discovered by the Chinese people, the hardworking and intelligent Chinese took advantage of it

we use cassava in industry. In addition to being beneficial in industry, they can also become animal food after processing. Relevant data show that 70% of cassava in the world is used by humans and livestock. The way to remove the toxicity is to peel off the skin first, and then soak it in water for a while. Brazilians never thought that cassava, which is not popular locally, has become a hot commodity in China

nowadays cassava is very popular in China. Many people will choose to plant it to get rich. I don’t know what you think of it

remember, this plant is called cassava, which is still very popular, because it can be made into starch and has good utilization value.

no information later. There is no news in the news media, no news on the Internet, and no gossip.

remember, it has no news now, because it has returned to life, rarely appears in the public eye, nor in the public eye, and there are no surrounding news reports, so there is no news.

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