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Requirements and standards for export packaging of mechanical products (cartons, wooden cases)

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choose the packaging form according to different goods (such as carton, wooden box, woven bag, etc.). Different packaging forms have different packaging requirements
1. General export packaging standard: packaging according to the general standards for trade export
2. Special export packaging standard: packaging of export goods according to the special requirements of customers
3. Packing and shipping mark (transportation mark): carefully check and verify to make it comply with the provisions of the letter of credit
export packing box, also known as export wooden packing box, export wooden box, plywood box, fumigation free packing box, etc., refers to the packaging containers used in the transportation of export goods

the export packing case is made of wood and plywood. Plywood boxes are used in machinery, chemical industry, electronics, hardware and other fields because of their flexibility, adaptability to loads and reusability. The utility model comprises a box plate and a fixed connector, and the box plate forms a packaging box in which the adjacent box plates are perpendicular to each other through the fixed connector. A certain number of steel clip connectors are respectively fixed on the edges around the outer surface of each box plate, and the steel clip connectors on the adjacent box plates pass through the long strip holes arranged on the angle steel connectors at the vertical junction of the adjacent box plates, And its end is bent and fixed reversely, so that the adjacent box plates are vertically and fixedly connected to form a packing box

the export packing box is made of all kinds of wooden surplus materials by high temperature and high pressure pressing. The wooden box has high compression and load-bearing performance, and avoids the disadvantages of wood knot, moth, color difference and high humidity of the traditional wooden box
export packing box (export wooden packing box, export wooden box) has the advantages of good waterproof performance, simple production process, low cost and no fumigation for export. It is also the best choice to replace ordinary wooden boxes and has strong adaptability. The finished product meets the export standard of packing box

if you don’t want to change your profession to packaging design, you’d better directly say what products you produce and what help you need! You need money to download the required standards. If you want, you can refer to the standards here: Wenku/View /, but there are too many contents. It’s estimated that you can’t understand it!


carton verification standard 1 Visual inspection 2 Physical property inspection 3 Type test
Anjie packaging is a professional packaging production enterprise. It is mainly engaged in wood products packaging, including pallets, fumigation free packaging boxes, cartons, etc., and undertakes the overall packaging business of various large-scale mechanical equipment.

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