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Steel packing quantity: is there any standard and how many pieces are there? (add points if you answer well)

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For example, how many pieces of 3 angle steel per piece? How many pieces of 16A channel steel per piece? 12. How many threads per piece? Wait
the more complete, the better. If you find relevant information or detailed answers, add 100 points!!! Do what you say

it still depends on the situation. If it is installed for export, there must be corresponding industry norms. If it is domestic retail, there will be no norms!

these are the requirements of each steel plant when packing under normal circumstances, and they are not any standard. After a long time, various businesses will form some habits

this is actually an uncertain number. The approximate number of a bundle of steel bars is between 2 and 2.5 tons. For example, there are two kinds of steel bars with the same diameter: 9m fixed length and 12m fixed length. When the weight is close, the number of steel bars must be different. Just know the approximate number. When you should buy it for you, you won’t buy it by root. Moreover, the packing conditions provided by different manufacturers are also different, which may be arranged according to the actual situation according to the weight and convenient transportation


if you have to find such an answer, it is estimated that there will be no more accurate results on the Internet. Instead of waiting for the answer on the Internet, you might as well find several manufacturers selling such products and call to ask, which is much faster and more accurate than waiting on the Internet

I have found many websites and selected some good ones with contact information. You can refer to them. I hope you can help you ~

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