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Want to buy a UV printer to start a business, do not know if there is a market?

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the development prospect of UV universal printer is actually a very good industry. It doesn’t need plate making. It can be printed immediately. The printing size depends on the printing size of the printer. Of course, it can also be printed in blocks. The printing materials range from packaging box, cosmetic box, U disk, to glass, ceramic tile, wood board, metal plate, acrylic, etc. as long as it can be printed with flat materials, it can be printed in a wide range, It can not only print 3D effect, but also print relief effect, but no matter how good the prospect is, it is inseparable from your own efforts in the future. No matter how good the industry does not work hard, it is estimated that you will not get good results
UV printer: hit and dry. Most of them do not need coating. One process is omitted. The adhesion is relatively much better and it is not easy to fall off. However, the color is not bright compared with weak solvent, because the ink can be hit and dry in a short time, but it can meet most production requirements, environmental protection and is the mainstream development direction at present
the primary problem in selecting UV flat-panel printer should be considered from the factors such as the stability of the printer, the selection of the nozzle, the later maintenance cost (the price of replacing the nozzle), after-sales service and so on
if you need UV printer equipment, you can consider Toshiba UV printer. It adopts industrial Toshiba nozzle with very high cost performance. The ink dot is 5pl, the printing speed is twice faster than that of Epson, the printing accuracy is higher than that of Ricoh G5, and the service life is 24 ~ 36 months. There is also a 2-year warranty.

want to buy a UV printer and start a business. There is a market for mobile phone case DIY printing

just buy an original 6090uv printer. Don’t consider refitting and refurbishing machines. The failure rate is too high

UV universal printer equipment is suitable for entrepreneurship. There are two main reasons for the decision. One is that the device supports personalized customization. Another reason is that the device can print 3D relief three-dimensional effects. These two advantages meet people’s current demand for private customization. As for the price of equipment, it is about 80000 for civil use and 160000 for industrial use
if the market is different from place to place, you can investigate it


mainly depends on what you buy UV printer to print? The market saturation of your industry and the number of orders you can receive in a year. The current UV printer is a relatively new thing in China.

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