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What are the 10 most famous enterprises in Harbin?

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haha, we Jiangbei people in Harbin have the most right to speak. The first most famous enterprise in Harbin is Jiangbei Taikang Pharmaceutical and the other two pharmaceutical factories of Yikang and Yikang. The employees of Taikang Pharmaceutical Factory boasted in my face that “our factory can make any medicine you want, and we can make you any medicine you want!” Second, it belongs to a manufacturer of toiletries in Jiangbei. The factory produces all brands of toiletries and shampoo and other products in the supermarket. Our local supermarket is full of fake goods, and locals have to buy toiletries online! Third, it belongs to Jiadeli supermarket. The supermarket sold fake beef many years ago. The report has been ignored for many times and has been sold so far! Fourth, it belongs to an unknown flour factory. The flour of the factory is mixed with a large amount of white paper foam, peach and plum bread, and a large number of steamed bread shops use their flour! The fifth is Jiangbei Bincai city. There is a toilet paper processing factory in the north. The factory transports a large number of Yellow Waste cartons every day, and the products are also yellow natural bamboo paper! Sixth, the police station of all the police stations in Harbin university town is much more terrifying than black. The female college students have been missing and killed for many years. The old village chief said, all the animals of his mother’s police station did it! Seventh, it must belong to Wandashan milk. I squatted at the gate of the factory and recorded that they only transported additives, not milk! Is this his mother’s milk without milk? Eighth, it belongs to the salt company. After adding more medium salt, I can’t buy a bag without iron salt! The ninth is Haitian seasoning series. There is no ingredient list on the bottles of many Haitian products! Home music, his mother has the face to buy a bottle to send two bottles! Tenth, it must belong to the waterworks. The water released is like fruit orange, just black particles! Every family must have RO water purifiers. If they don’t, they will have chronic diseases!

Harbin Pharmaceutical (Yaoliu and Sanjing are included), Hafei, Harbin beer, motor factory, steam turbine factory, boiler factory, Harbin Bearing Factory, Harbin quantity, (Haci and flax factory are gone now), Hexin group and industrial university group are also very large. Harbin is dominated by heavy industry, and there are many large groups!

there are few large groups in Harbin


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