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What are the functions of gift box packaging?

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gift box packaging design plays a role in promotion. First, it can attract consumers’ attention and cause consumers to be purchased. With the improvement of people’s material living standards, people also advocate a simple and free life more and more. The traditional etiquette is too narrow and not suitable for modern people, but

it’s not that people don’t have etiquette exchanges. On the contrary, etiquette began to become diversified. In the current fast-paced living environment, gift boxes have gradually become the first choice for people to give gifts. After all, we don’t have so much time and energy to buy gifts, so choosing what to buy and directly buying the corresponding gift box packaging has become people’s favorite way of giving gifts. By virtue of

our company has many years of experience in the gift box packaging customization industry. Although the gift itself is very important, the gift box packaging that affects your gift grade is even more important. The first feeling that can affect customers to buy gifts is the visual impact


modeling design is undoubtedly the first hurdle in how to win the first place and surprise the target customers at first sight. Traditional square packing is easy to carry, and if the design is not designed, it will be mediocre and suck away quickly. In recent years, the design of special-shaped packaging has been more and more welcomed by people, and even collected by people. Its outstanding advertising effect can be seen. As a kind of commodity packaging, gift box packaging must achieve the basic function of packaging, that is, to protect commodities, transmit commodity information and promote commodities. Gift box packaging should also convey the emotional communication information between people and improve the positioning of gifts. It is the medium of human emotional communication and the bridge of mutual friendship. Gift box packaging has the function of protection and the basic function of packaging, that is, the goods are not damaged by various external forces. A commodity needs to be circulated for many times before it can enter the market or other places and reach consumers. During this period, it needs to go through loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, sales and other links. In the process of storage and transportation, many external factors, such as impact, humidity, light, gas, fine bacteria and so on, will threaten the safety of commodities

the packaging design of gift box plays the role of promotion, which can first attract the attention of consumers and cause consumers to be purchased. As soon as consumers see the exquisite packaging materials, they will have a strong interest in bright colors and unique effects

therefore, it not only plays the role of packaging, but also highlights part of the role to a certain extent. The exquisite degree of the gift box is directly proportional to the increase of commodity value, which weakens the use value of commodities to a certain extent. The protection of goods is almost the same as that of general packaging. In order to highlight the value, more expensive and beautiful lining will be used to protect goods, such as silk
the circulation link is not as convenient as general packaging. The value of gifts is relatively high, and the cost of circulation must be high, such as collision free, deformation free, etc. There is no doubt that it has a high influence in beautifying goods and attracting customers.

gift packaging box standard is a law and regulation that must be observed by the gift packaging box industry. It is a comprehensive technical work with strong policy and covers a wide range. The main principles are as follows

① adapt to international standards. International standards are formulated by the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and should be uniformly observed all over the world. It represents the advanced nature and represents the recognition. Only by adopting international standards can we facilitate international exchanges. Otherwise, it will be difficult for commodities to be accepted by the world. Many countries simply adopt international standards for gift boxes, which is simple and advanced. Therefore, the standards of gift boxes should adopt international standards as much as possible, or refer to standards as much as possible, so as to improve the standardization level of gift boxes in China

2. In order to embody the advanced, scientific and economical standards for making gift boxes, we should strive to reflect advanced production technology and management experience and new achievements in scientific research, and at the same time, consider the economy and make it relevant to the economy. In terms of quality indicators, technical requirements and inspection methods of gift packaging boxes, we should be moderate in width, strictness, complexity and simplicity, and consider not only the current development, but also the future development

@ it can promote the development of production. The standard of gift packaging box is not only a technical regulation to measure the quality of gift packaging box, but also a criterion for the production and quality inspection of gift packaging box. Therefore, the formulation of gift packaging box standards should start from the overall economic construction. We should not only consider the existing production technology level, but also pay attention to absorbing foreign new technologies, but also understand the development trend of standardization at home and abroad, and set the gift packaging box standards at the advanced level that can be achieved through efforts, so as to promote the development of production, So that the production and development of enterprises have a clear direction.

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