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What are the ingredients of beef sauce

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fresh yak meat is used as the main ingredient, supplemented by refined salt, white granulated sugar, vegetable oil, bean paste, five spices, pepper, peanut, sesame, and an appropriate amount of nutritional enhancers and quality improvers. The raw and auxiliary materials meet the national standards. The traditional meat sauce and spicy sauce formulas are appropriately improved and a better formula is selected
main processing equipment
chopper mixer, sandwich pot, cooking pot, colloid mill, mixer, filling machine and sealing machine, etc
process flow
meat sauce base material preparation, spicy sauce preparation – mixing – flavoring – stirring – pasteurization – hot filling – sealing – Inspection – Labeling – plastic packaging – finished product
processing process
meat sauce base material prepared beef is finely chopped and then added with 2 salt and other curing agents. It is cured at O ~ 2 ℃ for 24 hours and then molded. It is kept in a cooking pot at 8 ℃ for 1.5 hours (to the center > 72 ℃) before cooling and demoulding. Then cut into strips, Bake in the oven at 60~70 ℃ to aw (0.90, beat it into powder in the pulverizer, add an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the mixer, and fully stir it into minced meat for standby.
spicy sauce preparation
each spicy sauce auxiliary material is pre prepared according to the traditional spicy sauce preparation method, and the bean paste, flour sauce, peanuts, etc. finely chopped in the chopper are fried in a sandwich pot with salad oil, and red oil pepper is prepared. After pre preparation, the auxiliary material is mixed with colloidal emulsion to form a paste.
mixed meat sauce preparation
will be prepared first Pour the minced meat into a sandwich pan with a mixer, heat it and stir it to 8C, slowly add spicy sauce and other auxiliary materials, keep stirring at 80C for 10 ~ 15 minutes, and then heat it into the bottle. After the capping machine is tightened, it shall be placed for observation for one day. If there is no air leakage, the bottle can be wiped, labeled and plastic heat sealed. [2]
2 mushroom beef paste
the formula is: fresh mushroom 40-50%, soybean paste 10-30%, vegetable oil 15-35%, lean beef 3-8%, fresh onion 1-2%, fresh ginger 1-2%, fresh garlic 1-2%, dry red pepper 1.7-3.4%, edible salt 1-3%, sugar 1-3%, monosodium glutamate 0.5-1%, spices (star anise, prickly ash, cinnamon, fennel 3:4:2:1) 1-2%, dry onion, ginger, garlic powder (1:1:1) 0.06-0.16%
preparation method
purification and pretreatment of raw materials
① rinsing and pretreatment of Lentinus edodes: select fresh Lentinus edodes, remove their stems and wash them, scald them in water above 90 ℃ for 2-3 minutes, rinse them in time with flowing cold water for rapid cooling, and cut them into 0.25-12.5px2 diced Lentinus edodes as material a for standby
② preparation of spicy oil: take vegetable oil, dried red pepper pieces and water in the ratio of 8:1:1 and put them into the pot for heating and boiling. After the pot is opened, add spices, ginger, green onions and garlic in the order of the predetermined ratio. Increase the firepower. After the water is boiled dry, heat it over low heat for 5-8 minutes. After cooling, filter it through 80 mesh sieve as material B for standby
③ preparation of minced beef: select the mixture of fresh lean beef, onion, ginger and garlic powder at the ratio of 50:1, and then grind it into material C by meat grinder for standby
stir fry sauce
beef sauce
beef sauce
heat material B to above 150 ℃ and add material C to stir fry. After the beef is six mature, add soybean sauce and continue to stir fry for 3-5 minutes, then add material A. after all the materials in the pot boil, turn the heat down and continue to add for 5 minutes. Add salt, sugar and monosodium glutamate and stir for 1-3 minutes to make it even
filling, venting and sterilization
3 Duomei compound beef sauce
experimental material
main ingredient: fresh beef
basic raw materials: peanut butter, Douchi and chili sauce on the market
auxiliary materials: vegetable oil, refined salt, white granulated sugar, pepper, curry powder,
monosodium glutamate, brewed rice vinegar, cooking wine, fresh onions, ginger, garlic (all sold in the market)
additives: Xanthan gum, edible potassium sorbate and sodium nitrite
main equipment and appliances
commonly used laboratory equipment such as pulverizer, induction cooker, magnetic stirrer, colloid mill, steam sterilization pot, balance, beaker, measuring cylinder, knife, pot, cutting board, thermometer, stainless steel container, vacuum packaging machine, analytical balance, etc
process flow
key points of operation
selection and treatment of raw materials
beef shall be fresh meat or frozen beef that has passed the hygienic inspection. It shall be free of corruption or odor. It shall not be mixed with impurities such as beef bones. It shall be washed with water for standby. Peel and clean the shallots, ginger and garlic, cut them with a knife, and use a tissue crusher to break them for standby L6; Mix the peanut butter, Douchi and chili sauce weighed according to the formula proportion, and then refine them by a colloidal mill
marinate and grind meat
mix beef, edible sodium nitrite (60mg/kg), a certain amount of salt, cooking wine and spices evenly, marinate at room temperature for 1 h, and then grind them into minced meat with a meat grinder for standby
dissolution of thickener
add xanthan gum slowly while stirring in water with appropriate temperature and proportion, and wait until it is completely dissolved for standby
preparation of seasoning liquid
heat the vegetable oil in the pot with an induction cooker, add onion, ginger and garlic to the hot oil for stir frying. When the aroma overflows, add pepper and curry powder in a certain proportion, stir fry quickly and add water, then heat it to make it boil. Finally, add salt, sugar and vinegar, and keep it for 2 minutes before cooling
mixing and boiling
after the above raw materials are ready, pour the vegetable oil into the pot, add minced beef when the temperature rises to about 130 ℃, stir quickly and add an appropriate amount of cooking wine to remove the fishiness. After the beef is fried, immediately add chili sauce, Douchi and peanut butter to mix them evenly, then add a certain amount of seasoning liquid, finally add the dissolved thickener, keep it slightly boiling, and stir while heating, Adjust the viscosity and color of the sauce to stop heating
packaging, sterilization and cooling
mix the boiled beef sauce with 0.25 g/kg potassium sorbate and fill it into a flexible packaging bag]. After filling, the sauce bag shall be sealed as soon as possible while it is hot. The sauce bag shall be put into the vacuum packaging machine for air extraction packaging and heat sealed for 3 ~ 5 s. Sterilize 15~20 at 110 ℃ in a sterilization pot, and quickly cool it to room temperature

I dried my own beef sauce during supper. Many friends left a message asking how to make it. I’ll share it with you in this issue. There are a lot of ingredients in the meat sauce. You can choose them freely according to your friends’ preferences. You can put more ingredients in the meat sauce if you like, or not if you don’t like. The meat sauce I made is not spicy. Usually, fried rice and noodles are OK. If you like to eat spicy food, you can put more chili powder or millet. Many friends asked how to put so much oil. On the one hand, more oil will be more delicious. On the other hand, it will be stored for a long time. It is no problem to put it in cold storage for one month. When making meat sauce, you must be willing to put oil. It should also be noted that the salt in the meat sauce is a little more than that in the usual cooking, and it tastes salty
main ingredients: 4 servings
400g beef
200g onion
100g garlic
80g dried tofu (dried tofu)
70g co
oked peanuts
50g pickled mustard
40g ginger
20g mushroom
20g Douchi
agaric (watery) 5g
auxiliary ingredients
350g peanut oil
100g sesame oil
60g bean paste
50g soybean paste
20g cooking wine
10g vinegar
5g prickly ash oil
5g pepper powder
5g pepper powder
appropriate amount of salt
step 1 complete recipe for beef paste
soak the mushroom and agaric in water. It is best to use warm water. It can bubble in a short time. The agaric will rise greatly after bubble, Just about 5g of dried agaric is enough.
step 2 illustration of beef paste
cut beef, onion, mustard, dried garlic, ginger, pickled mushroom and agaric into small pieces
step 3: beef paste
grind peanuts
step 4: beef paste
put about 50g of peanut oil in a hot pot, and then add beef granules to stir fry, Add about 20g cooking wine to stir fry the diced beef until it changes color, and then put it on a plate for standby.
step 5 how to eat the beef paste
add about 300g peanut oil into the hot pot, and then add the onion to stir fry slowly over medium heat until the onion is dehydrated and softened
step 6 how to make the beef paste
add ginger, garlic, bean paste and soybean paste over low heat, and stir fry evenly
step 7 how to stir the beef paste
add mushrooms, peanuts, mustard, Douchi, dried mushrooms, agaric, beef Stir fry the shrimp skin evenly
step 8 how to cook the beef sauce
add pepper powder, pepper powder and sesame oil and stir fry evenly
step 9 how to stew the beef sauce
add water, vinegar and pepper oil of Paohua mushroom and stir fry evenly
step 10 how to stir the beef sauce
cover it over low heat and cook for an hour
step 11 how to stir the beef sauce
turn off the fire and add an appropriate amount of salt to mix evenly and cool it before bottling
finished product drawing

cooking tips
updated every week, Welcome to follow Weibo (xiaoshike) and wechat (xiaoshike) to share your food thoughts with me. There are more food videos waiting for you

how to do it:
1. Boil 1500g of beef offal in water, drain it and cut it into small pieces. Add spices such as anise, cinnamon and fragrant leaves, and burn it in the home style until it is eight mature. Remove it for use
2. Put the cooked vegetable seed oil into the pot and heat it to 50% heat. Add 300g Pixian bean paste and stir fry the red oil over low heat. Then add 300g soybean paste and 400g Bainian brand fresh chili sauce and stir fry them until fragrant. Add the pre cooked beef particles and stir fry them over low heat. Add 4000g beef broth, add chicken powder, sugar and cooking wine to taste. Stir them up and put them out. Let them cool for use


spicy beef sauce

50g cooked beef minced; Heat the pot, leave the oil in the bottom, add 20g of rice pepper paste, stir fry until fragrant, add in minced beef, add 100g of broth, 8g of concentrated chicken juice, and 10g of oyster sauce to taste, wait for the soup to cool, then add 10g of minced coriander and 10g of minced scallion, mix well to form beef sauce
beef sauce with pickled peppers

1. Take 1kg of pickled peppers, 500g of fresh red peppers, 50g of pickled ginger and 100g of garlic and smash them with a mixer respectively; Marinated beef leftovers 500g cut into small pieces
2. Put 500g salad oil into the pot, when it is 40% hot, add minced beef, stir fry it over low heat until it is crispy, remove the minced beef, add pickled pepper, pickled ginger, fresh red pepper and garlic, stir fry it over low heat for 20 minutes, put 20g minced beef, crushed rock sugar and 10g monosodium glutamate into it, stir fry it over low heat until it is fragrant, cool it out of the pot and store it in the refrigerator.

the ingredients of beef sauce are generally pepper, beef with black bean sauce and soybean sauce

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