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What are the materials of cartons?

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cartons belong to the common packaging types in the packaging and printing of paper products. The materials used include corrugated paper, paperboard, gray bottom plate, white card and special art paper. Some also use paperboard or multi-layer light embossed boards combined with special paper to obtain a stronger supporting structure. There are also many products suitable for carton packaging, such as common drugs, cosmetics, tobacco, household appliances, hardware, glassware, ceramics, electronic products, etc

in terms of structural design, cartons should change according to the packaging requirements of different products. For example, for the same drug packaging, the requirements for the packaging structure of tablets and bottled liquid medicine are very different. Bottled liquid medicine needs high-strength and extrusion resistant cardboard to form a solid structure to form a protective layer

its structure is generally combined inside and outside, and the inner layer usually adopts the fixed medicine bottle device. The size of the outer package is closely related to the specification of the bottle. Some packaging cartons are disposable. For example, household tissue boxes do not need to be very strong, but paper products that meet the requirements of food hygiene packaging need to be selected to make boxes, and the cost is also very economical


P> > in terms of cigarette box and printing process, the manufacturer pays more attention to the use of hard foil, so

> in terms of cigarette box and printing process: >, The printing materials and printing technology with bright colors and difficult anti duplication technology are more sought after by tobacco manufacturers

there are also cartons with more complex structures and a variety of materials, such as gift packaging of various colors, tea packaging, and even the once popular Mid Autumn Festival gift cake packaging box. Some are packaged to protect products and highlight their value and luxury, while others are completely packaged for packaging, which does not meet the practical functions of packaging described below

classification of paperboard materials: paperboard materials are classified according to the weight per unit area. There are mainly the following paperboard materials: K paper: 250G /m * m a paper: 175g /m * m b paper: 125g /m * M 7 paper: 200g /m * m 8 paper: 260g /m * M C paper: 127g /m * m core paper: basic 100g /m * m mainframe 105-110g /m * m reinforced core paper: + paper 115g /m * m cartons are commonly used in three or five layers, and seven layers are less used. Each layer is divided into inner paper Corrugated paper, core paper and face paper. The inner and face paper include tea board paper and kraft paper. The core paper uses corrugated paper. The color and feel of all kinds of paper are different, and the paper (color and feel) produced by different manufacturers are also different. The national standard of corrugated box is gb6543-86 “corrugated box”.

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